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Understanding women

Learn to what women want, and the psychology that underlies dating for men.

👉 Signs she wants you to make a move

👉 Signs she is flirting with you

👉 How to get out of the friend zone

👉 How to not be creepy

👉 Signs she is pretending to love you

How to meet girls

Tactics to meet and approach more women you're excited about.

👉 How to meet women

👉 How to approach a girl at the gym

👉 How to approach a coworker crush

👉 Easy ways for introverted guys to meet women

Texting & flirting

Create more chemistry when you communicate with women.

👉 How to tease a girl - flirty text examples you can copy

👉 When to text her after your first date

👉 How to tell a girl you like her

👉 How to ask a girl for her number

Planning dates

Have more fun when you're out with on dates.

👉 The best low-key date ideas

👉 The best fall date ideas

👉 First date gifts - good or bad idea?

👉 The best third date ideas

Grooming and style

Never wonder (or worry) about your appearance again.

👉 What to wear on a first date - the best outfits for men

👉 Balding? 3 tips for single men

👉 Meet top NYC stylist Peter Nguyen

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