Can You Send A Picture Via Hinge? Yes, Here's How

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April 3, 2023
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Can You Send A Picture Via Hinge? Yes, Here's How

If you’ve ever had a match on Hinge, and wished you could send her a photo… you are not alone!

Even with a Hinge Preferred Membership, there is no native option to send a photo to a match.

So, what happens if you want to share a photo with your match?

For example, maybe you’ve been talking about your garden, or the new painting she bought…

You’re in luck!

Today I’ll detail three ways to share a photo with your Hinge match 👇


1. Link Her The Photo

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One way to send a photo to your Hinge match is to upload it online, and then share the link. For example, you can:

  1. Use Google Drive, or iCloud, or a site like to upload the photo
  2. Copy the shareable link
  3. Paste the link in your chat

The downside to this strategy?

😬 Links from strangers are jarring.

I never click links I don’t recognize from strangers, for example, and she might not either.

She might even unmatch you because the link makes her uncomfortable!

In short, I don't recommend this strategy — let’s explore some alternative strategies to share photos that are less likely to turn her off instead!

2. Upload The Image To Your Profile

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A clever and personal way to share a photo with your Hinge match that is less likely to creep her out than linking her to an external site is to simply upload the picture to your profile.

Just replace one of the photos of you on your profile (probably your last photo) with the photo you want to share with her.

Then, alert her to the photo!

You could message her something like:

"Check out what I cooked for dinner tonight 🌮 Apparently you can’t send photos in Hinge chat, so I uploaded it to my profile. Hopefully you can guess which picture it is 😉"

This strategy is nice because it feels the most personal and safe. Still, there’s one more method that’s even better, because it can build a stronger connection!

3. Text The Photo To Her

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My favorite way to send a picture to a Hinge match is to not send it via Hinge at all.

📲 Text your photo to your match instead!


It’s an excuse to ask for (and get) her phone number!

You can say something like:

"I’m at this awesome patio bar 🍻 and I want to send you a photo, can I get your number?"

This shouldn’t be the first message you send a match.

(You need to build a little trust conversationally before she’ll share her number, even if you have a good excuse for asking.)

But it’s a smooth way to escalate things and move off of Hinge!

Wrap up & next steps

Today we covered 3 ways to send a photo to your Hinge match:

  1. Link her to the photo 🔗
  2. Upload the image to your profile ⏫
  3. Text the photo to her 📲

Sharing photos can be the perfect way to legitimize yourself and your hobbies to your Hinge match, and keep the conversation flowing, so I hope this helps ❤️

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