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My Texting Operating System (aka Texting OS) course will help you immediately:

• Stop second guessing yourself when you message with women you're attracted to.

• Learn to send fun, flirty messages that turn her on, and make her excited to chat with you.

• Turn texting into an asset in your dating life, that gives you an edge on all the other guys she meets.

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Transform your dating life with...


My Dating Masterclass is my flagship program that has helped 1,000+ men transform their dating lives. You'll learn to quickly:

• Authentically market yourself so you attract quality women in-person, and on apps like Hinge.

• Flirt and create chemistry so you consistently land numbers and dates (and second dates, and third dates..!)

• Stop emotionally overinvesting and start feeling confident, so you build romantic relationships on your terms.

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Blaine's only 1x1 coaching program...


Jumpstart is an intimate 1x1 coaching program where you and I will chart a personalized plan to help you quickly:

• Feel sexually attractive and develop confidence flirting and creating chemistry with women.

• Date the women you like and comfortably lead from initial match or meeting to dates, relationships, and more.

• Stop doubting yourself so you never get in your own way with dating or relationships again.

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