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I help guys like you (yes, you!) get better matches, send the right messages, and consistently land dates with women you're attracted to 🤠

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4.86/5 (from 2,000+ students)

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It's not just you — online dating is painful

It's especially brutal for guys, but believe it or not, us girls hate online dating too!

Endless swiping and missed connections aren't fun for anyone 🤬

The good news is that meeting women you're actually attracted to on apps like Hinge gets really easy, once you're doing things right.

Let’s be honest for a second, though...

You probably suck at marketing yourself online.

I don’t mean to be harsh!

Through coaching 2,000+ men, I've learned that there’s just a good chance it’s true 🙃

It’s actually good news:

  • Who YOU are isn't the problem. Tons of undeserving guys score great matches on Hinge and Bumble simply because they know how to make good profiles 😬
  • How you MARKET yourself is. Being a good guy isn’t enough. You have to engineer the right photos, prompts, written bios, and messages 🔧

That’s where I come in!

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- KV
- KV

It was purely based on your advice that my dating life has improved. My favorite part was the Thirsting and Thriving examples. It showed me exactly what and where I was going wrong.

- KV

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Let's change your trajectory

Especially if you feel exhausted from dating, or like apps are rigged against you...

I need to tell you something important!

You can master online dating fast, just like tennis or driving, once you:

  1. Understand the organizing principles
  2. Put your knowledge to work

It's not your fault you weren't born knowing how to market yourself.

But it is your fault if you don't take action to learn now!

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Shortly after I finished your course, I started dating my wonderful girlfriend Barrie, and we've now been together about a year. I'm thrilled to be one of your (many) success stories.


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How it works

I take a systems-approach to dating, and my coaching and courses draw on a wide variety of sources:

  • Some academic (e.g. Adlerian psychology, evolutionary biology, descriptive and inferential statistics)
  • Some personal (e.g. my experiences dating across 6 continents and coaching 2,000+ men)

My programs are designed to help you:

😃 Consistently attract awesome women both in-person, and on apps like Hinge and Bumble.

❤️‍🔥 Flirt and create chemistry so you land numbers and dates (and second dates, and third dates..!)

🌶️ Feel sexually attractive so you never get in your own way with women again.

Just tap the button below and tell me a little about yourself, and I'll share a personalized rec for how you can get the results you deserve, fast.

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I continue to appreciate your help to make it possible for me to meet people like her!


Photo of online dating coach Blaine Anderson, in a black dress with a red print, seated on a chair, with her hand on her hair, smiling

I'm Blaine, by the way!

I've helped 2,000+ guys meet and date hotter women on apps like Bumble and The League 🤠

The guys I work with are short, tall, white collar, blue collar, white, black, Asian, Indian, shy, outgoing, handsome, "ugly", fit, heavy, disabled, you name it…

Many of my clients are:

  • Engineers or otherwise analytical and successful professionals 👔
  • Divorced and single for the first time in a long time 💔

Regardless, whether you’re:

  • Relatively inexperienced with women and dating 🐣
  • Dating regularly but not attracting the “9s” and “10s” you know you deserve 😤

As long as you're motivated to make a change, and believe you can learn, I can help.

What more clients are saying


I had given up on dating. Then I met Blaine… You BET this works!


Online Dating Coach FAQ

1. What Is an online dating coach?

As an online dating coach, I help guys like you (yes, you!) land more matches, send better messages, and date sexier women.

More granularly, by working with an online dating coach like me, you will learn to:

  • 📸 Get the right photos for your profiles on apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Plenty of Fish.
  • ✍️ Write engaging prompts and bios that motivate women to connect with you.
  • 👋 Match with more (and more attractive) women generally, so you start getting the results you deserve.
  • 📲 Send the right text messages so you create chemistry, land dates, and stop getting ghosted.

Online dating is one of my specialties, though I don't focus on online dating exclusively by any means. Most of my clients also hire me to:

  • 🤠 Build confidence so you feel more secure, and less anxious, when you interact with women.
  • 📅 Plan fun dates that lead to deeper connections and relationships.
  • 💕 Create romantic chemistry so you land more first, second, third, fourth (and more!) dates.
  • 🔍 Find the right partner based on your lifestyle, needs, and criteria.
  • 💪 Build relationships on your terms and generally have more fun and options dating.

Basically, whether you specifically want help meeting women on Raya, or you want help with dating and women more broadly, I'm your gal!


My most important credentials are my clients' results.

I've helped 2,000+ clients learn to attract women they're excited about through my courses and coaching programs. More than 95% report they'd recommend working with me to a friend. Check out more of my clients' stories on my Reviews page, and my new Wall of Love for client stories ❤️

Also, my free dating advice is consumed by millions of men per month across my Instagram, my TikTok, and my YouTube, and has been featured in media outlets like the New York Times, New York Post, Forbes, Vice i-D, Cosmo, and more 📰

Additionally, Insider has tapped me to lead its Dating Dating App Clinic on multiple occasions. To get a taste for what kind of feedback I give clients, check out my reviews of Tee and Sourabh's profiles!


Assuming you hire a good coach, hell yeah it works!

How fast you see results will depend on several factors:

First, it depends on what you want to accomplish.

  • Strictly need help with messaging? You will get immediate results with my Texting Operating System, which will teach you EXACTLY how to transition matches to dates.
  • Not getting any matches? You may need new photos, which can take weeks depending on your schedule.
  • Struggling with self-confidence? It may take considerable focused effort over months to see true improvement.

Many men who are considering investing in a dating coach need help with more than just getting better matches, which is why I offer my 1x1 Jumpstart Program.

Second, it depends on your work ethic.

For online dating, most guys just need to nail a few formulaic things to get more (and better) dates on apps like Hinge.

Specifically, you need:

  • 6x good photos
  • 3x written "prompts" and ~150 character written bio
  • Simple messaging + texting strategy

You could probably knock everything out in one workday (i.e. 8 hours), but it requires you to do things you probably don't do often (e.g. take photos) and if you're lazy, you won't get it done right.

Dating in a broader sense is slightly less formulaic, though contrary to popular belief, it's a lot like any other skill. The more effort you invest, the better the results you’ll get — coaching isn't magic, and you can’t cheat the grind. But the same way you will get pretty damn good at tennis by playing for an hour a day with a pro for 3 months, you will get pretty damn good at dating by devoting an hour a day to working with me for 3 months!

Third, it depends your ability to follow directions.

Through working with 2,000+ clients, I’ve learned that (A) some men follow directions MUCH better than others, and (B) this difference corresponds perfectly with guys' results from my coaching programs.

A good test here is whether you got good grades in school when you focused on your work:

  • If yes, you can expect results fast!
  • If no (e.g. even when you studied for 100 hours, you still failed the test), honestly you may not get results with me (or any other coach) and I don't want you to waste your money.

Hiring an online dating coach can start at around $100 USD, and some coaches charge over $10,000 USD 🤯

As of Fall 2023, my services range from $149 USD for my Texting Operating System to $3,985 USD to work with a coach on my team 1x1 through my Jumpstart Program, with my Masterclass in between at $1,295 USD.


  1. Well-known coaches aren't cheap. Coaches with big followings tend to have a lot of demand for their services, and their rates reflect this.
  2. Expensive ≠ effective. Sadly I've worked with a number of clients who've told me, "I spent thousands with another coach, and I'm still stuck in the same place..."
  3. You can find help on any budget. If a coach doesn't have a product or service in your price-range, they're not the right coach for you!
5. IS hiring an online dating coach worth it?

Good coaches aren't cheap, so this is a fair question. You should think about three things:

First, how valuable are results to you? Coaching can be a significant investment, but if it helps you land a girlfriend or wife you're excited about, it may be a killer bargain.

Second, what else would you do with the money? If hiring an online dating coach means you'll struggle to meet basic expenses like rent, do NOT hire one. But if the financial impact on your quality of life would be marginal, why wait?

Third, what are the consequences of not hiring a coach? Imagine yourself in 6 months, or 6 years: what does your life look like if you don't hire a coach, and you stay on the same track? What could your life look like if you do hire a coach?

One more thing to consider: good dating coaches offer money-back guarantees (myself included!) to let you try their services without taking big risks.


This is a little like asking a chiropractor if you need an adjustment 😉

Thankfully I'm in a place with my career where I'm busy enough that I often turn down potential clients, so I should be able to answer objectively...

The answer is that it depends.

Many people can benefit from working with an online dating coach, but some people can’t...

The three most important things to consider are:

A. Do you have growth mindset? If you think you have things to learn, you'll probably learn a lot (and see great results!) by working with an online dating coach. Some people sadly think they “can't be helped,” however, and this mindset tends to be self-fulfilling.

B. Do you feel motivated? The more eager you feel to make progress, the harder you'll work, and the higher the likelihood you'll get results. Likewise, if you're "just curious," or unsure of what you want to achieve, the lower the likelihood you'll get results, no matter how skilled your coach is.

C. Are you able to invest? If you're able to budget time, energy, and money for self-improvement, an online dating coach can be a great investment. If you’re working 90-hour weeks, or you'd seriously miss the money, you should hold off.


I could claim I'm the best, but honestly it's impossible to identify a single "best" coach.

First off, comparisons are often apples-to-oranges. Different coaches focus on different things, for example:

  • Some coaches are pickup artists, who try to teach "game" for picking up girls at bars
  • Some coaches exclusively focus on online dating (i.e. refining your profiles and messaging)
  • Other coaches, like me, take a more holistic approach

Second off, coaches' results are often opaque. Part of the challenge is that many people who hire a dating coach want to remain 100% anonymous. To illustrate, I had to work with 2,000+ happy clients to get 100 reviews!

One thing is true, though...

Many "best" lists, like the top dating coaches disrupting the industry, are b.s. 💩

The organizations that create these lists typically don't evaluate coaches' skills, or clients' results...

Any coach who pays up can join!

These lists are a disgrace to real dating coaches.

Steer clear of online dating coaches who market themselves with phony credential like these.


There are many awesome online dating coaches out there, as well as many charlatans you want to steer clear of 😜

To find the right coach, consider:

  1. Does the coach's advice resonate with you? Most coaches share free tips on social media (e.g. I'm active on my Instagram almost everyday). Do you trust what the coach has to say? When you implement their advice, does it work?
  2. How strong are their testimonials? A trustworthy coach should have dozens of client stories like mine for you to peruse. If you're chatting with a coach who only has a handful of dubious-looking testimonials, run.
  3. Would you enjoy spending time with them? Your coach will be riding shotgun with you for weeks or months. Make sure you feel confident they're the type of person you want to welcome into your life!

If you find a coach for whom the answer to all three questions is "yes," they're probably a good fit!

9. How much time should I be able to commit?

I'm glad you asked!

Smack the "Let's boogie" button below to complete the application (don't worry — it's quick), and I'll be in touch with a program recommendation within 24 hours 🥳

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Whether you are totally introverted and shy, or you can get dates, but you’re getting friend-zoned, the solutions are there. Blaine's program is for anyone who just wants to level up, and tweak a few areas...


Land the girlfriend you deserve

4.86/5 (from 2,000+ students)

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