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What guys are saying about Blaine

Meet Brady!


Brady's dating life before:

"Lots of confusion. Getting ghosted. Not knowing what to say. Wanting to say a lot... I never got a third date."

Brady's dating life now:

"I'm in a relationship as of 1 week ago. She's my dream girl. She's adventurous, loves to travel, and she's gorgeous."

What changed:

"I learned how to start conversations, get to the first date quicker, what not to put in my profiles. I immediately got 2-3x as many replies. There was a massive difference in the quality of women and dates..."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"100%. I wouldn't be in a relationship right now."

Meet John!


John's dating life before:

"I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the women I was dating. Physically, professionally, or emotionally."

John's dating life now:

"I’m dating women I’m excited about and I could see being my wife! I get giddy thinking about it. I started getting dates and second dates, and had to turn down girls that I didn’t think I could get this time last year."

What changed:

"A total revolution. I learned how to package things I was already interested in and doing. I went from boring to incredibly interesting."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"I could not recommend it more. The results are paying for themselves. I can’t even tell you what a good deal it is. It’s a no-brainer for someone who is serious about finding a cool girlfriend."

Meet Khizer


Khizer's dating life before:

"It was hit or miss. I would try..."

Khizer's dating life now:

"Now I'm going on 3 dates a week!"

What changed:

"Approaching women is a lot more natural."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"You know how Blaine's free advice on her Instagram helps... Just imagine what her paid course is like!"

Meet Raul!


Raul's dating life before:

"I used to be really shy when approaching, not going out..."

What changed for Raul:

"This has helped me not just gain confidence, but also get outside of my comfort zone. You get more understanding of yourself, and it felt really amazing afterwards."

What Raul liked most:

"You get 1x1 attention, and you can ask questions. You get a lot of feedback… and cheat sheets you can use to make your own recipe."

Raul's recommendation:

"Give it a try. Your life will change. Not just dating. Your life in general. It’s worth it."

Meet Bill!


Bill's dating life before:

"Whenever I was very excited about a women, I tended to get "you're a really nice guy and I'd love to be friends, but..." I was getting friend-zoned a lot!"

Bill's dating life now:

"It's been really fantastic. I've gone out on a number of dates since end of the course, with a few different women. Things are moving forward, and I feel great about that."

What changed:

"Learning how to not date for validation. I see this in my male friends now... it's a bad sign! And I wanted to get better at flirting. We did a 30-minute workshop on flirting that was just fantastic. It's made a lot of things in my life better."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"100%. I would particularly recommend it to men who are psychologically mature, because there's some hard advice you get... If you're willing to make the investment, I am 100% sure you'll see improvements."

Meet KV!


KV's dating life before:

"I was on many dating apps and I won’t get any matches. Even if I did get a match I would get ghosted. I didn’t know why it was like that."

KV's dating life now:

"I’ve had at least 20 quality matches I’m excited about in the past month. Previously my confidence levels were low, but now I have confidence and am much more comfortable. Dating is no longer nerve-wracking."

What changed:

"I learned what I was doing wrong, and what I needed to do differently. It was purely based on your advice that my dating life has improved. My favorite part was the Thirsting and Thriving examples. It showed me exactly what and where I was doing wrong."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"Definitely yes. I’m happy I’ve taken the course, my dating scene has drastically improved."

Meet Zach!


Zach's dating life before:

"If I was lucky I’d get a match, if I was really lucky I’d get a conversation, but it had been a long time since matches led to dates."

Zach's dating life now:

"After the course, I went on multiple dates with 3 or 4 women. It clicked with one of them and now I have a girlfriend I’m excited about… everything is going really really well."

What changed:

"Before dating was nerve wracking. Now I know exactly how-to take action which led to having a lot of fun and seeing results."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"I wasn’t sure if it was actually going to work… but you’re a miracle worker!"

Meet Tim!


Tim's dating life before:

"Non-existent is the best way to say it. I wanted a better feel for what I could do better, and what I was doing “wrong”. I had zero idea what I was doing on the apps."

Tim's dating life now:

"I feel so much better and just a lot more confident. I now have a general idea of what I’m doing and your program helped me realize what is going on on apps."

What changed:

"The course helped me identify the areas I could improve. I realized it wasn’t just one or two things holding me back, it was actually more. The course helped me identify those things."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"I definitely would recommend it. If you’re looking for a dating coach, Blaine is the best there is. Previously I would have rather tried to put a rocket in space than figure out dating. Now I feel a lot better about going out and dating!"

Meet Daniel!


Daniel's dating life before:

"Before I was hoping women would swipe on me but then it would usually fade into nothing. I was pretty confident before the course, but not always confident in my approach."

Daniel's dating life now:

"I definitely have more confidence! I've also become more selective. Online 9 out of 10 women I swipe on are swiping on me."

What changed:

"I had already worked on myself and was a grounded man, I had a strong base. But I didn’t know how to market myself, the course teaches you how to market yourself."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"I was concerned about the cost, because you cost more than other coaches, but I took the chance and it was worth every penny times 10. The value of everything in the course was there. I would do it again if I was going back and I'd do it again."

Meet Jason!


Jason's dating life before:

"I’d feel frustrated and felt like I was throwing paint at the wall. Matches were very slow. Flirting is also something I was lacking before."

Jason's dating life now:

"After remaking my profile, I’ve had over 60 matches. I’m also being very selective of who I message. I really like that you gave us steps to flirt and how to do it respectfully. When you’d give information, it was like, wow, that’s what I needed to know."

What changed:

"I thought I was close to getting where I wanted to be on my own, but I realize I got there a lot faster and got a lot further working with you. Your classes have so much content, and just really good information."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"It’s very worth the investment. Do it 100%, go all in, and you will get more out of it than meets the eye, and at the end of it you’ll be very happy you did."

Meet Romi


Romi's dating life before:

"My dating life before the course was nonexistent. I focused on work a lot... I was in my head about swiping and whether women would match with me."

Romi's dating life now:

"Over the last month since the course, I've gone on 5 to 7 in person dates!"

What changed:

"Escalating the interaction leading up to a date. Flirting!"

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"I would absolutely recommend it... You're going to get a lot of value."

Meet Neil!


Neil's dating life before:

"I had trouble with confidence and getting dates prior to the course."

Neil's dating life now:

"Online I’ve had so many matches, and I’ve been happy with my results. And the quality has been relatively high. I’ve also been on a few fun dates and even recently went on a tennis date."

What changed:

"The course gave me a real sense of confidence. I feel more comfortable going on takes, flirting with women, and forming a connection."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"100% take the course. Blaine is bubbly and knows what she’s doing, and gets results!"

Meet Ryan


Ryan's dating life before:

"I was counting on the law of large numbers to eventually work in my favor. Let's just say this never materialized."

Ryan's dating life now:

"It provided huge value to me with regards to my approach and confidence... Blaine showed me that I really didn't know what I didn't know about dating in today's world."

What changed:

"Her coaching style truly allows each person to make what she teaches into their own."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"I highly recommend you table your doubts. If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. Go f***ing sign up!"

Meet Mike!


Mike's dating life before:

"My dating life was pretty non-existent."

Mike's dating life now:

"After just 72 hours I had hundreds of matches, and went on a bunch of dates. I'm about to go on a 4th date with a woman I like."

What changed:

"I've taken lots of courses online, mostly for business, and they're almost always pre-recorded... Blaine is live, and answers your questions, is so full of energy, and is so invested in her clients!"

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"Just do it. It will be the best money you've ever spent."

Meet Alan!


Alan's dating life before:

"I was pretty conversational, but I didn't really know the signs..."

What changed:

"I've changed my perspective, from pursuing a woman, to pursuing a quality connection."

Alan's favorite part:

"The context for the best places for me personally to meet women."

Meet Joe!


Joe's dating life before:

"I couldn’t get many matches, and I was stumped as to way."

Joe's dating life now:

"I honestly had so many matches within 3 days it was difficult to keep track."

What Joe liked most:

"A few of my favorite parts of her course were #1 how she provides guidance on how to communicate with the opposite sex, #2 making sure you’re finding that fit you want with someone early on, and #3 Blaine provides so many tools to guide you along the way that you get to keep for reference once the class is over."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"Blaine has a lot of integrity and shows. You won’t regret it."

Meet Drew


Drew's dating life before:

"I had this tendency to emotionally overinvest. I had this tendency to see an attractive woman walk by, and say to myself, “I’m going to make this attractive woman my girlfriend,” and it wouldn’t work out."

What changed for Drew:

"I decided to invest in myself, and invest in a dating coach, to combat emotional overinvestment. Through this I learned what women want, and how I can give it to them personally."

Drew's favorite part:

"To summarize my experience with Blaine? Learning how to think for myself, and be myself, and realizing how amazing I am. Learning how to be a 10 in my own mind."

Drew's recommendation:

"For all the people on the fence, wouldn’t you like to be the one that people come to advice for, rather than the one who’s always asking for advice, and sweating it? It’s time to flip the script!"

Meet Anthony!


Anthony's dating life before:

"It was pretty much non-existent. As introverted as I was, I was timid, I was shy. I had female friends, but it didn’t go beyond that."

Anthony's dating life now:

"I connected with this girl on Hinge, we've been on a few dates, and we’ve connected really well, considering she doesn’t mind me blaring my death metal!"

What changed for Anthony:

"Now I embrace being an introvert. I’m more comfortable talking with women, and people in general, and my confidence is boosted."

What Anthony liked most:

"Blaine's funny, she uses analogies that are helpful, she's cohesive, she really wants you to be successful in your dating life, and life in general. It helps you mentally. It helps you gain that confidence."

Meet Jack


What Jack enjoyed:

"Personally I’ve got a lot of comfort out of Blaine's masterclass. Say you’re approaching women at the beach, or at a bar, it’s not about hitting on them. That got me a long way."

Who Jack thinks can benefit:

"Everyone would get something out of it. Whether you are totally introverted and shy, or you can get dates, but you’re getting friend-zoned, the solutions are there. I think the course is for anyone who just wants to level up, and tweak a few areas."

Jack's recommendation:

"The course layout is excellent, you can speak to Blaine 1x1 if you have questions, she’ll get right back to you. Regardless if you need a little help or a lot, I recommend it. I reckon you can get some improvement out of it!"

Meet Matthew!


Matthew's dating life before:

"I struggled for a very long time as an introverted computer programmer who doesn’t have a chiseled face, or the abs. For the last two years, I have struggled to get dates."

Matthew's dating life now:

"I have a date in two days, and it’s all thanks to Blaine and her masterclass!"

What Matthew liked most:

"Blaine gives you the tools, techniques, and strategies to be successful and get good dates. But she also really works on you as a person. I was looking up YouTube videos all the time of different hacks for the dating world, and nothing worked until Blaine taught me how to position myself, and the interests I love, that are amazing and authentic to me."

Matthew's recommendation:

"If you’re on the fence, it was 100% worth the investment."

Meet Ryan!


Ryan's dating life before:

"Before the class, I made the mistake of overinvesting in women, even before I met them."

What changed for Ryan:

"There's been a big improvement in my dating life, my approach to women, and my life in general."

What Ryan liked:

"The focus on yourself: becoming aware of the things you're doing, and becoming really invested in you, and falling in love with yourself before you seek that from someone else. I found that hugely transformative, and that's yielding a lot of results as I'm out meeting people in real life."

Whether my masterclass was worth it:

"If you're interested in learning how to build a framework for approaching women, and how to get more numbers in person or through dating apps, I highly recommend checking out Blaine and her masterclass."
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