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What guys are saying about Tara

Let's shortcut you to success dating

I'm Tara, and I'm a coach on the Dating By Blaine team based in San Francisco, CA.

Tara in a navy blazer, outside, on a pier in San Francisco, smiling

I do WAY more than just help guys become really f***ing attractive...

But don't worry, I do that too 😜

After spending hundreds of hours helping coach Blaine's clients, I'm excited to work 1x1 with YOU to:

✔ Build rock-solid confidence in everything you bring to the table

✔ Uplevel how you communicate with women, so you draw them in, and create romantic chemistry

✔ Start dating the types of women you're attracted to, and land an awesome girlfriend!

We're better together

Blaine has been my best friend since elementary school!

Photo of a printed photo from the '90s of Blaine and Tara at a lunch table together in 5th grade

It was immediately clear coaching together was a natural fit when Blaine recruited me to the Dating By Blaine team:

🤝 We have a long history of working together, and we collaborate on all of our clients!

❤️ Helping men find relationships gives me enormous joy and fulfillment.

😜 I've talked Blaine off a ledge a dozen times in her dating life, so I have experience with the best!

Dating can be different — let me help!

Tara in a blue sweater, holding her phone, smiling

I'd love to be the wingwoman in your back pocket during your dating journey!

To that end, I offer a couple of coaching options...

1. Masterclass Alum 1x1 Zoom coaching session

Tara 1x1 coaching graphic

Exclusively for Masterclass alums, this is the perfect option if you need a quick strategy for:

  • ✅ A tricky situation with a crush in your dating life
  • 🔧 Tweaking your dating app profile
  • 🥰 Generally meeting and dating women you like

This session is scheduled for 50 minutes, is limited to just 1 per customer, and costs $225 USD.

Note that because this is a one-off 1x1 session, and does not include email follow-up, it's *NOT* suitable for making more than light edits to dating app profiles.

Explore my Jumpstart package below if you're interested in more in-depth, ongoing coaching!

2. Jumpstart Your Dating Life

Marketing graphic for Tara's 1x1 Jumpstart program, showing Tara at left, and the text "Jumpstart Your Dating Life" at the right.

This works just like Blaine's Jumpstart program — it includes:

  • 👩‍🏫🍎 Comprehensive video curriculum. You get immediate access to Blaine's Dating Masterclass, which forms the psychological and tactical foundation you need to build confidence, market yourself, and attract women you like.
  • 📲👋 On-demand 1x1 coaching. Ongoing text and email access to me throughout the 12 week program, six in-depth private Zoom coaching sessions, and a full 1x1 dating app profile makeover.
  • 🔓🎉 Dozens of bonuses. You get access to our new DBB student and alum Discord Community, weekly live Q&A sessions, and more.

The only difference is:

  • ❤️ You're working 1x1 with me instead of Blaine
  • 💰 You save a ton of money (see below!)

The total cost is just $3,985 USD and if you've already taken Blaine's Masterclass, you'll of course receive credit for your investment.

If you're interested to learn more, tap below to schedule a Zoom consultation, or just email me and let's chat!

Fun facts about me

Tara in a navy blazer, standing back to back with Blaine, outside on the beach in San Francisco, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

🏄 I'm a Californian by way of Arizona and Hawaii. My dad lives in Tucson, and my mom on Honolulu.

🏗️ Before becoming a dating coach, I led operations at a high-end interior design firm (think $2mm+ projects!)

🎿 Some of my favorite hobbies today are skiing, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and ceramics.

🌉 I've been splitting time between SF and Arcata recently! I love the Bay Area, but Humboldt is amazing too.

❤️ I'd love to work with you. Email me at or schedule a Zoom consultation below!