I'm Blaine, Your Dating Coach in NYC

Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of Blaine's client

4.86/5 (from 3,000+ clients)

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I help guys in New York City land awesome partners, and have more fun and options dating along the way!


What guys are saying about Blaine

Blaine in a suede jacket, smiling, in Chelsea NYC

You aren't alone, dating is confusing

Like most valuable life skills, dating isn't something you learn in school.

Maybe you've been too busy kicking ass at school and work to focus on dating until now, anyway!

Let’s be honest for a second, though...

You probably suck at marketing yourself.

I don’t mean to be harsh.

Through coaching 3,000+ men, I've learned that there’s just a good chance it’s true 🙃

It’s actually good news...

YOU aren't the problem!

You actually knew this already, because you see less-successful, less-intelligent, and less-caring guys dating attractive women, and wonder, "Why not me?"

How you MARKET yourself is.

Being a "nice guy" isn't enough. You need to learn to create romantic chemistry with women.

You may also be making key tactical mistakes (e.g. assuming your future girlfriend is hiding inside Acme or Zero Bond 😝) that hold you back...


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It was purely based on your advice that my dating life has improved. My favorite part was the Thirsting and Thriving examples. It showed me exactly what and where I was going wrong.


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Let's change your trajectory

I need to tell you something important!

🤯 Dating is 100% a learnable skill you can master fast.

It's like learning to navigate the subway. Once you understand the organizing principles, and put your knowledge to work, it gets easy!

Stop beating yourself up because you weren't born knowing how to date.

It's not your fault! It's 100% your fault if you don't take action and learn now, though 😉


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Shortly after I finished your course, I started dating my wonderful girlfriend Barrie, and we've now been together about a year. I'm thrilled to be one of your (many) success stories.


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How it works

I offer a variety of 1x1 and self-serve programs that will help you quickly:

😃 Attract girlfriend-quality women both IRL, and on apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Raya.

❤️‍🔥 Flirt and create chemistry so you land numbers and dates (and second dates, and third dates..!)

🌶️ Feel sexually attractive and stop doubting yourself around women you're attracted to.

Especially if you've wanted a girlfriend for a while, what are you waiting for?

Smash that button below, and let's get moving!


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I continue to appreciate your help to make it possible for me to meet people like her!


Photo of Blaine in front of a house in West Village, in a brown coat, smiling

I'm Blaine, btw!

As the #1 dating coach for men, I've helped 3,000+ men build confidence, and learn to attract women they're excited about.

I made this page specifically for NYC-based guys, but my clients live around the globe. Many either:

1. Work in finance, engineering, or another analytical field and want their dating lives to catch up with their personal and professional lives 👔

2. Recently exited long-term relationships and weren't expecting to be single again, and recognize they could use help bouncing back 🏀

They're short, tall, white collar, blue collar, white, black, Asian, Indian, shy, outgoing, handsome, "unphotogenic," fit, heavy, you name it!

Whether you’re:

🐣 Relatively inexperienced with women and dating, or...

😤 Dating regularly but not attracting the "9s and 10s" you know you deserve...

As long as you're willing to learn and you're hungry to make a change, there's a 100% chance I can help!


What more clients are saying


I had given up on dating. Then I met Blaine… You BET this works!


frequently asked questions

NYC Dating Coach FAQ

1. What is a dating coach?

My job is to help guys like you build confidence, meet women you're attracted to, learn to flirt, more dates, and generally have fun and options with women.

Specifically, I'll teach you to:

👋 Connect with higher quality women both IRL, and on apps like Hinge, Bumble, The League, Raya, and Lox Club.

😏 Create chemistry when you communicate even the "9s and 10s" you feel awkward around today.

📲 Never send the wrong message again so you get dates, not "maybes!" or crickets, in response.

📅 Execute on dates so you have fun, and build deeper connections and relationships.

💇 Upgrade your appearance by providing actionable coaching on your grooming and wardrobe.

🤠 Build confidence so you're comfortably in control, not awkward or anxious, with women.

🔍 Find the perfect partner based on your lifestyle, needs, and goals.

Just in case it wasn't clear elsewhere on the page, many of my clients are based in New York City, but I work with guys all over the world!

2. What are your qualifications?

My #1 qualification is my clients' results:

I've helped 3,000+ men learn to attract women they're excited about, both online and IRL.

More than 95% of my clients report they'd recommend working with me to a friend.

In addition to the testimonials scattered throughout this page, you can check out more of my clients' stories on my Reviews page, and my new Wall of Love ❤️

Additionally, millions of men tune in for my free advice across my Instagram, my TikTok, and my YouTube, and I've been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Forbes, and more!

3. DOES Dating coaching even work?

Assuming you hire a good coach...

Hell yeah it works!

How fast you see results will depend on several factors:

First, it depends on what you want to accomplish.

Strictly want help getting better matches? You'll get fast results with my Online Dating OS course, which will teach you EXACTLY how to make a top 1% profile on apps like Hinge.

Struggling to land first and second dates? I have tons of shortcuts that will help, but building true confidence with women can take time to build.

Many men who are considering investing in a dating coach need help with more than just texting and matches online, which is why I offer my 1x1 Jumpstart Program.

Second, it depends on your work ethic.

For online dating specifically, most guys just need to nail a few formulaic things to improve their matches.

Specifically, you need:

  • 6x good photos
  • 3x written "prompts" and ~150 character written bio
  • Simple messaging + texting strategy

You could probably knock everything out in one workday (i.e. 8 hours), but it requires you to do things you probably don't do often (e.g. take photos) and if you're lazy, you won't get it done right.

Dating in a broader sense is less formulaic, though contrary to popular belief, it's like any other skill.

That is to say, once you understand the organizing principles, the more effort you invest, the better the results you’ll get.

Coaching isn't magic, and you can't cheat the grind.

Still, the same way you'd leapfrog most people on the golf course if you spent an hour a day playing with a pro for 3 months, you'll leapfrog most guys in your dating pool by spending an hour a day working with me for 3 months ⛳

Third, it depends your ability to follow directions.

Through working with 3,000+ clients, I’ve learned that (A) some men follow directions MUCH better than others, and (B) this difference corresponds perfectly with guys' results from my coaching programs.

A good test here is whether you got good grades in school when you focused on your work.

If yes, you can expect results fast!

If no (e.g. even when you studied for months, you still failed the test), honestly you may not get results from coaching, and I don't want you to waste your money.


Hiring a dating coach can start at around $100 USD, and I've heard of NYC-based coaches charging over $10,000 USD 🤯

For 2024, my services range from $149 USD for my Texting Operating System and Online Dating Operating System courses, to $3,985 USD to work with a coach on my team 1x1 through my Jumpstart Program.

My most popular program, my Masterclass, is in between at $1,295 USD.

A few thoughts on price:

1. Prominent coaches aren't cheap.

Coaches with big online followings tend to have more demand for their services than they can keep up with, and their prices reflect this.

2. Expensive ≠ effective.

Sadly I've worked with a number of NYC clients who've spent tens of thousands of dollars with other coaches, and didn't see results 😳

3. You can find help on any budget.

If a coach doesn't have a product or service in your price-range, keep looking. There are quality resources out there for anyone who can afford to date.


Good coaches aren't cheap, so this is a reasonable question. Consider three things:

First, how valuable are results to you?

A dating coach can be a significant investment, but if it helps you meet your future wife (or simply feel less frustrated at bars on weekends), it may be a killer bargain.

Second, what's your opportunity cost?

If investing in your dating life means jeopardizing your ability to make rent, immediately close this browser tab, and do not hire me, or any other dating coach!

But if investing in your dating life would means plowing a little less into your savings account this month, then what the heck are you waiting for?!

Third, what happens if you don't hire a coach?

Imagine yourself in 5 months, or 5 years: what does your life look like if you stay on the same track? What could your life look like if you hire so

One more thing to consider: some coaches offer money-back guarantees (myself included!) so you can try their services without taking an unnecessary risk.

6. Is a dating coach right for me?

Didn't your parents teach you not to ask a barber if you need a haircut?! 💇

Just kidding. I'm blessed to be in a place with my career where I regularly have to turn down clients, so I can answer somewhat objectively...

Honestly, it depends!

Many guys will benefit from working with a dating coach, but some guys won't...

The three most important factors are:

1. Do you have growth mindset?

As long as you believe you don't know EVERYTHING about dating already, you'll probably learn a ton by working with me or another qualified dating coach.

If you're skeptical you have anything to learn, though, I can't help you. Good luck!

2. Are you motived?

The more you want results, the more effort you'll put in, and the more likely you are to land an awesome girlfriend fast.

Similarly, if you're "just curious," or you're unsure if you want to make a change, the less likely you are to find what you're looking for.

3. Can you comfortably invest in yourself?

I mean "invest" holistically. Do you have time, energy, and money you can earmark for dating?

If yes, you'll see high ROI from working with a coach.

If no (e.g. you're chained to your desk at Goldman Sachs for 100 hours a week, and the extent of your dating life is furiously swiping on Tinder in your 10-minute, after-hours-comped Uber home every night), now isn't the right time to work with me or any other coach 😅


I know New York City well!

My NYC adventure began immediately after college.

I moved into a tiny studio apartment in the LES with no plan, just determination to build a life in the city.

My first jobs were serving at Extra Virgin in West Village, and working retail sales at Levi's.

NYC poses unique challenges for singles, but it's actually an amazing city to date in:

📈 The economy is good and growing, which means both brutal housing costs (boo!) and a constant influx of cute, well educated women coming to the city for work (yay!)

🏙️ Because the city is so dense, it's comparatively very easy to meet women in-person (once you've learned the right way to approach, that is!)

🍷 There's tons of awesome bars, restaurants, and activities for dates. Two current favorites are Thai Diner in Manhattan, and Deux Chats in Brooklyn, though it's hard to beat a walk on the High Line with a glass of wine!


There are a lot of metrics I could point to that would suggest I'm #1, but being honest, there isn't really one "best" coach.

First off, comparisons tend to be apples-to-alligators.

Different dating coaches focus on different things:

  • There are pickup artists, who teach guys lines to spit at girls at Mr. Purple in hopes of getting laid...
  • There are online dating coaches, who focus exclusively on remaking your profiles for apps like Tinder...
  • There are more holistic coaches like me, who take a systems-oriented approach to each aspect of dating...

Second off, it's hard to measure results.

It's sad, but many coaches share fake client testimonials, which makes it hard to tell who's ACTUALLY good.

It's perhaps tangential, but pay close attention to any coach's testimonials, and decide for yourself if they feel authentic.

It took me working with 3,000 clients to get 100+ real client reviews because many guys feel awkward about admitting they hired a coach.

One other thought here...

The "best dating coach" lists you'll see on Google are pay-to-play b.s. 💩

It's nice that I'm included on a lot of them, but being honest, the people who create these lists have ZERO real criteria for evaluating dating coaches' skills, or their clients' results.

Steer clear of coaches who claim their inclusion on one of these "best" lists is a good reason to work with them 🙄

9. how Should i CHOOSE a dating coach in nyc?

There are some terrific dating coaches who specialize in serving clients in NYC, and there are some grifters you want to steer clear of 😜

To choose the right coach, consider:

1. Do you want to work with a coach physically in NYC?

More specifically, do you want in-person coaching, do you just want to a coach who knows New York and understands the dating scene there, or is neither factor important?

For context, most dating coaches (myself included) practice remotely, though some offer in-person services.

2. Does the coach know what they're talking about?

Most coaches publish free advice on social media to attract clients (e.g. I share dating tips on my Instagram daily).

Does the coach's advice resonate with you? When you try out their advice, does it have the desired effect?

3. Are their testimonials legit?

A trustworthy coach will have numerous client stories and reviews like mine that you can watch before making a decision.

If you're considering a coach and they don't have many reviews, or their reviews look questionable (e.g. few video testimonials / photos may not be of real clients), run.

4. Do they seem like someone you want in your social circle?

Your coach will be your partner in dating for weeks or months. It's essential you feel like you'd enjoy their company in this intimate role in your dating journey and beyond.

10. how much time should i be able to invest?

This depends on what you're trying to accomplish, but I offer a variety of programs that have helped busy guys (e.g. CEOs and pro athletes) get results fast.

The best way to think about it is:

Have enough time to date today?

If you're actively going on dates right now (or you would be actively dating if you were meeting more women!) you 100% have enough time to work with a dating coach.

Too busy to date today?

If you often find yourself canceling dates because of work or family commitments, or you otherwise feel too busy to invest in your personal life, wait to hire a dating coach until you're less swamped.

11. What if i have another question?

Email me at blaine@datingbyblaine.com!


What more clients are saying


Blaine teaches you to be yourself, and position yourself, in a way that you can attract and sustain a relationship with women you thought were out of your league. Thank you for everything, Blaine!


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Get ready to feel attractive!

Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of Blaine's client

4.86/5 (from 3,000+ clients)

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