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I help guys in New York City land awesome partners, and have more fun and options dating along the way!

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4.86/5 (from 2,000+ students)

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You're not alone —dating is confusing

Maybe you've been too focused on your career to focus much on girls until now, anyway 😇

Can we be honest for a second, though?

You likely suck at marketing yourself with women.

I don’t mean to sound harsh!

From my experience working with 2,000+ clients, I just know it's probably true 🙃

It’s actually a good thing:

  • YOU aren't the problem. Deep down, you're aware of this already, because you see less successful, less intelligent, and less caring guys out with women you're attracted to.
  • How you MARKET yourself is. Especially in an ultra-competitive dating market like NYC where another option is seemingly always around the corner, being a "good guy" isn’t enough.

You may also be making key tactical mistakes (like assuming your future girlfriend is hiding inside Acme or Zero Bond 😝) that hold you back...

That's where I come in!

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Shortly after I finished your course, I started dating my wonderful girlfriend Barrie, and we've now been together about a year. I'm thrilled to be one of your (many) success stories.


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Let's get you unstuck

Particularly if you feel like you're walking on eggshells with the women you're most attracted to, or you're exhausted from a string of near misses...

I have something important to tell you!

Like navigating the subway, dating is a skill you can learn fast once you:

  1. Understand the organizing principles
  2. Get your ass in motion

It's not your fault if you're not attracting the women you want today.

But it 100% is your fault if you don't take action!

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I had given up on dating. Then I met Blaine… You BET this works!


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How it works

I'm laser focused on helping you:

❤️‍🔥 Meet women you're attracted to both in-person and on apps like Hinge, Raya, and The League.

📲 Communicate so you create chemistry and consistently land numbers and dates.

🤝 Build romantic relationships on your terms and stop emotionally over-investing.

I take a no-bullshit, systems-approach to dating that draws on both:

  • Academic research (e.g. Adlerian psychology, evolutionary biology, descriptive and inferential statistics)
  • Personal experience (e.g. my years of experience coaching 2,000+ men and navigating dating in NYC myself!)

Just hit the button below to tell me a bit about you, and I'll follow up with a recommendation for how I can help you get the results you want, fast.

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I continue to appreciate your help to make it possible for me to meet people like her!


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I'm Blaine, by the way!

I moved to NYC after college. My first job was waitressing at Extra Virgin in Greenwich Village 🥙

In the years since, I've helped 2,000+ men learn to attract women they're excited about.

Many of my clients:

  • Work in finance or engineering or another analytical profession 👔
  • Are recently divorced and want to re-find their footing with dating 💔

Regardless, whether you’re:

  • Less experienced with women and dating 👶
  • Dating regularly but not attracting the “9s” and “10s” you know you deserve 😤

... If you're motivated to make a change, and believe you can learn, I can help!

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- KV
- KV

It was purely based on your advice that my dating life has improved. My favorite part was the Thirsting and Thriving examples. It showed me exactly what and where I was going wrong.

- KV

Frequently Asked Questions


As a dating coach, my job is to help guys like you (yes, you!) build confidence, meet women you're attracted to, learn to flirt, land dates, and generally have more fun and options with women.

Specifically, I'll teach you to:

  • 👋 Connect with higher quality women both IRL, and on apps like Hinge, Bumble, The League, and Raya.
  • 😏 Create chemistry when you communicate even the "9s and 10s" you feel awkward around today.
  • 📲 Never send the wrong message again so you get dates, not "maybes!" or crickets, in response.
  • 📅 Execute on dates so you have fun, and build deeper connections and relationships.
  • 💇 Upgrade your appearance by providing actionable coaching on your grooming and wardrobe.
  • 🤠 Build confidence so you're comfortably in control, not awkward or anxious, with women.
  • 🔍 Find the perfect partner based on your lifestyle, needs, and goals.

My most important credentials are my clients' results.

I've helped 2,000+ guys learn to attract women they're excited about through my coaching programs and courses. 19 in 20 say they'd recommend working with me to a friend, and you can find dozens of my clients' stories on my Reviews page, and my new Wall of Love ❤️

Also, millions of men tune in for my free dating tips across my Instagram, my TikTok, and my YouTube, and my work has been featured in the New York Times, New York Post, Forbes, Insider, and more 📰

Finally, I know NYC. I lived between the Lower East Side and East Village from 2012 to 2016, and I still spend a ton of time in and around NYC (mostly West Village, Williamsburg, and the Hamptons) today. Basically, I know where the girls you want to meet hang out, the best uncharted date spots in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the unique challenges that dating in the world's most stimulating city presents 🗽


As long as you hire a good coach, damn right it works!

How FAST coaching works depends on several factors:

First, what do you want to accomplish?

  • Strictly need help texting girls? You'll get results immediately with my Texting OS, which covers EXACTLY how to transition matches to dates (and more!)
  • Questioning your mojo/rizz? I have some quick tricks that will help, but building true confidence with women can take time.

Second, how hard will you work?

As an example, if you want to to land more matches on apps like Hinge or Raya, you need to nail:

  • Six photos
  • Three written "prompts" and short written bio
  • Communication strategy for moving matches to dates

You could absolutely complete these to-dos in a weekend, but if you aren't motivated, it might feel like too much of an undertaking, and you might drag it out for several weeks or months.

Zooming out, every guy thinks his situation is unique, but through coaching literally thousands of guys, I can say with certainty that dating is like any other skill:

  • Sure, some people learn faster than others, but there's no magic involved — ANYONE can learn to date
  • There's no cheating the grind — the harder you work, the better the results you'll see

Basically, just like how you'd become a competent golfer if you spent an hour a day playing with a pro for 3 months, you'll become competent with women you like by spending an hour a day to working with me for 3 months ⛳

Third, can you follow directions?

Through years of coaching, I’ve discovered that (1) not all guys are good at following instructions, (2) the guys who CAN follow instructions get great results working with me, and (3) the guys who CAN'T follow instructions tend not to get great results working with me...

Don't sweat this too much. A good litmus test involves thinking back to high school — if you got good grades when you applied yourself, you can expect to see a meaningful improvement in your dating life fast through coaching!


Prices depend on a lot of factors (e.g. who you're working with, what you want to accomplish, whether you want 1x1 attention, etc...)

In general, most of coaching packages I'm familiar with across the industry are four-figure investments, and most courses are less expensive.

My prices follow this pattern:

  • My self-serve Texting Operating System course, which was recently featured in the New York Times, is $149.
  • Working with me or another coach on my team 1x1 through my Jumpstart program starts at $3,985.
  • My Masterclass, which includes both a recorded curriculum and a 1x1 profile makeover, though not ongoing coaching, is in between at $1,295.

A few other thoughts on pricing:

  1. Prominent coaches ain't cheap. Taking myself as an example, you might guess based on how many guys engage with my Instagram, there's a lot of demand for my time, and my rates for 1x1 coaching reflect this!
  2. Expensive ≠ effective. For example, I've had multiple clients come to me after investing five figures into working with other NYC-based dating coaches and not getting results 😳
  3. You can find help on most budgets. If a coach doesn't have a product or service in your price-range, keep looking, because there are resources out there even if you can only invest $100-$200 in yourself.

The best dating coaches aren't cheap, particularly in an expensive-ass environment like NYC, so this is a fair question!

I have three thoughts for you:

First, what are results worth to you? Coaching can be a big investment, but if you're tired of being alone or getting rejected, and coaching leads you to your soulmate, it may be the deal of the century.

Second, what's your opportunity cost? If investing in your dating life means jeopardizing your ability to make rent, immediately close this browser tab, and do not hire me, or any other dating coach! But if investing in your dating life would means plowing a little less into savings than you'd like this month, then what the heck are you waiting for?!

Third, what happens if you don't hire a dating coach? Think about what your life looks like in 3 months, or 3 years. If you've read this far, and you think there's any chance you'd be in the same place you are today, you probably should've filled out the form to chat with me already 😌

Ah, one last thing to think about...

The best dating coaches offer money-back guarantees (myself included) so you can get a taste of their services without taking on big financial risks!


Didn't your parents tell you not to ask a barber if you need a haircut?! 💇

Just kidding. I'm blessed to be in a place with my career where I regularly have to turn down clients, so I can answer somewhat objectively...

Honestly, it depends.

Many guys will benefit from working with a dating coach, but some guys won't...

The three most important factors are:

1. Do you have growth mindset? As long as you believe you don't know EVERYTHING about dating already, you'll probably learn a ton (and see great results!) by working with me or another qualified dating coach. If you're skeptical you have anything to learn, though, I can't help you, and I wish you good luck!

2. Are you motived? The more you want results, the more effort you'll put in, and the more likely you are to land an awesome girlfriend fast. Similarly, if you're "just curious," or you're unsure if you want to make a change, the less likely you are to find what you're looking for.

3. Can you comfortably invest in yourself? I mean this holistically — do you have time, energy, and money you can earmark for dating? If yes, you'll see high ROI from working with a coach. If no (e.g. you're chained to your desk at Goldman Sachs for 100 hours a week, and the extent of your dating life is furiously swiping on Tinder in your 10-minute, after-hours-comped Uber home every night), now isn't the right time to work with me or any other coach 😅


I could tell you that I'm #1, but being honest, there isn't really one "best" coach.

First off, comparisons tend to be apples-to-alligators. Different dating coaches focus on different things:

  • There are pickup artists, who teach guys lines to spit at girls at Mr. Purple in hopes of getting laid.
  • There are online dating coaches, who focus exclusively on remaking your profiles for apps like Tinder.
  • There are more holistic coaches, like me, who take a systems-oriented approach to each aspect of dating.

Second off, it's hard to measure results. It's sad, but many coaches share fake client testimonials, which makes it hard to tell who's ACTUALLY good. It's perhaps tangential, but pay close attention to any coach's testimonials, and decide for yourself if they feel authentic. It took me working with 2,000 clients to get 100+ real client reviews!

One other thought here...

Most "best dating coach" lists are pay-to-play b.s. 💩

The people who create these lists have no criteria for evaluating dating coaches' skills, or their clients' results.

Steer clear of coaches who claim their inclusion on one of these "best" lists is a good reason to work with them 🙄

8. How should I choose a dating coach IN NYC?

There are some genuinely terrific dating coaches who specialize in serving clients in NYC, and there are plenty of grifters you want to steer clear of 😜

To choose the right coach, consider:

  1. Do you want to work with a coach in NYC? More specifically, do you want in-person coaching, do you just want to a coach who knows New York and understands the dating scene there, or is neither factor important? For context, most dating coaches (myself included) practice remotely, though some offer in-person services.
  2. Does the coach know what they're talking about? Most coaches publish free advice on social media to attract clients (e.g. I share dating tips on my Instagram daily). Does the coach's advice resonate with you? When you try out their advice, does it have the desired effect?
  3. Are their testimonials legit? A trustworthy coach will have numerous client stories and reviews like mine that you can watch before making a decision. If you're considering a coach and they don't have many reviews, or their reviews look questionable (e.g. few video testimonials / photos may not be of real clients), run.
  4. Do they seem like someone you want in your social circle? Your coach will be your partner in dating for weeks or months. It's essential you feel like you'd enjoy their company in this intimate role in your dating journey and beyond.

Hit that "Let's boogie" button below, fill out the application (don't worry — it's quick), and I'll email you with a program recommendation within 24 hours 💃

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Whether you are totally introverted and shy, or you can get dates, but you’re getting friend-zoned, the solutions are there. Blaine's program is for anyone who just wants to level up, and tweak a few areas...


Ready to transform your dating life?

4.86/5 (from 2,000+ students)

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