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Get a top 1% profile + girlfriend quality matches

The exact steps to improve your matches on apps like Hinge, fast, even if you're not photogenic!

4.86/5 (from 2,000+ students)

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Photo of Blaine in a tan jacket and leather pants, leaning against a column, smiling

It's not just you, online dating sucks

It's especially brutal for guys, but believe it or not, us girls hate online dating too!

(Endless swiping and missed connections aren't fun for anyone 🤬)


Landing girlfriend-quality matches on apps like Hinge is easy once you're presenting yourself the right way.

Let's be honest for a second though...

You probably suck at marketing yourself.

I don’t mean to be harsh!

After coaching 2,000+ men, there’s just a good chance it’s true 🙃

It’s actually good news.

  • You aren't the problem.
  • How you MARKET yourself is.

Being a great guy isn’t enough. You need a great profile. They're different things.

That’s where I come in!

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- KV
- KV

It was purely based on your advice that my dating life has improved. My favorite part was the Thirsting and Thriving examples. It showed me exactly what and where I was going wrong.

- KV

Photo of Blaine in a tan jacket and leather pants, seated at a cafe, holding a cup of coffee, smiling.

I'm dead serious!

You don't need to be rich, tall, or "handsome" to match with girlfriend-quality women on apps like Hinge as long as you do three things:

  1. Get the RIGHT photos. They're called "5P" photos, and they make a huge difference 📸
  2. Mention 4 KEY things in your written bio and prompts that women look for 🔑
  3. Polish the details that 95% of the guys on apps overlook at their own detriment 🧼

Nail these three things?

You will immediately go from zero to dozens of quality matches every week.

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I had given up on dating. Then I met Blaine… You BET this works!


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I'm Blaine, by the way!

As the #1 dating coach for men, I've been fortunate to:

  • Help 2,000+ clients like you learn to attract women they're genuinely excited about 🤝
  • Appear in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Psychology Today, and more 📖
  • Share free advice with millions of guys every month on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok 📲

As long as you can follow simple step-by-step directions, you will get more and better matches!

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I continue to appreciate your help to make it possible for me to meet people like her!


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Let's shortcut you to more and better matches

My new, idiot-proof Online Dating Operating System contains every secret, trick, and hack I've learned throughout my career to help you:

  • 📸 Get the right photos that make girls swipe right, no matter how "unphotogenic" you are.
  • 📝 Write the perfect prompts and “about me” bio to authentically draw quality women in.
  • 💪 Nail the details and overcome the algorithms so you start landing girlfriend-quality matches.

Ready to unlock the full 8 module course?

It's literally proven to deliver results!

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Blaine teaches you to be yourself, and position yourself, in a way that you can attract and sustain a relationship with women you thought were out of your league. Thank you for everything, Blaine!


Here's everything inside

Screenshot of Module 1


Online Dating Strategy 🎯

✔ Why most guys fail at online dating (and why you can succeed)

✔ How we'll use digital marketing tactics to perfect your profiles

✔ Tips to maximize your results from the course


The Missing Manual 📖

✔ How app algorithms dictate which women see your profiles

✔ The exact steps to reset your rankings, so you meet the right women

✔ Swiping best practices that you probably aren't aware of

Screenshot of Module 2
Screenshot of Module 2


Picture Perfect Photos 📸

✔ The #1 factor that dictates your success apps like Hinge (hint: it's a specific photo!)

✔ My "5P" formula literally anyone can use to get photos girls swipe right on

✔ How to capture "5P" photos with minimum effort and expense


Writing The Right Bio + Prompts ✍

✔ The 4 elements to include in your prompts that attract quality women

✔ 100+ examples you can copy, or tweak to make your own

✔ Common pitfalls to avoid that cost 95% of guys matches

Screenshot of Module 4
Screenshot of Module 5


Polishing Your Profile ✨

✔ One quick trick to meaningfully increase your matches (most guys miss this!)

✔ How to avoid a surprising personal info mistake >80% of guys make

✔ When (and when not) to use 3rd party integrations on apps


Real Profile Examples 🤯

✔ Detailed analysis of 6x real guys' profiles, 3x good and 3x bad

✔ Clear examples of what makes a great profile (copy these!)

✔ Clear examples of what makes a bad profile (avoid these!)

Screenshot of Module 6
Screenshot of Module 7


How To Date On Instagram 🤫

✔ The only strategy that works for meeting women on Instagram

✔ Exactly how to use our learnings to make an awesome Instagram profile

✔ Signs to spot in a girl's profile to determine if she's a match


The Wrap Up 🎬

✔ Recap of our learnings to highlight the most critical points

✔ Answers to FAQs to optimize your profiles' performance

✔ Steps to accelerate your learnings and land more dates

Screenshot of Module 8

What more clients are saying


I am getting a constant stream of high quality connections on Hinge and have already been on 5 dates in the last 2.5 weeks. I am following your system closely and it's working well. Plus, I met someone IRL at a pub. Thanks again. A+ course.


Frequently asked questions

1. Who is this course for?

My Online Dating Operating System (aka Online Dating OS) is for guys who want better matches on apps like Hinge 🤠📲

Not getting enough quality matches today?

My Online Dating OS is for you, and I'm excited for you to check it out!

Consistently matching with attractive women on apps like Hinge already?

You could probably learn things from my Online Dating OS, but honestly it's not designed for you.

You may want to check out my Texting OS course instead, which will help you land more dates with the matches you're getting already 😊

2. How does it work, and what's included?

My Online Dating OS is comprised of 8 video modules that cover literally every shortcut and secret I've learned helping 2,000+ guys get better matches online ❤️

These modules cover:

  1. Online dating strategy (as you hopefully watched in the first module above!)
  2. Tricks to beat the algorithms so your profiles get in front of the women you want to meet.
  3. What photos make girls swipe right and how to minimize effort getting them.
  4. How to write great prompts and the four key elements you need to include, plus tons of examples.
  5. Critical details most guys miss that make a huge difference in your profile's performance.
  6. Good vs bad profile examples from my clients so you know EXACTLY what to aim for.
  7. Instagram dating strategy if you want to explore meeting women on my personal favorite "dating app."
  8. Burning questions that may be weighing on your mind in an FAQ lesson to tie your learnings together.

My Online Dating OS course is pre-recorded and 100% self-serve meaning you can watch and re-watch the lessons anytime after you sign up from your computer or phone.

You get lifetime access. Immediately after as you sign up, you get access to my student site where the recordings are are hosted. The process of signing up and beginning the course is fairly seamless.

It does not include coaching or Q&A. This is by design. I wanted to give you an awesome product that can meaningfully improve your dating life at a dramatically lower price than my programs that include personalized attention.

  • Need help landing dates after you've landed more matches? Check out my Texting OS.
  • Want holistic help with your dating life, and a 1x1 profile makeover? Check out my Dating Masterclass.
  • Want a fully 1x1 coaching experience? Check out details on my Jumpstart program.
3. Why did you make the Online dating OS?

I made my Online Dating Operating System for a few reasons:

First, online dating is ubiquitous today. It's 100% possible to land an awesome girlfriend without ever downloading an app like Bumble, but MOST women are online, so you should be too.

Second, most guys don't get the matches they deserve. Seriously, it's probably not your fault you're striking out on apps like Hinge: marketing yourself online is hard work. I'd be thrilled to teach you EXACTLY what you need to do to make the type of profile girls swipe right on.

Third, I wanted to help YOU. My other services all involve personalized coaching, which means they're relatively expensive, especially for guys who are just starting out in their careers. I made my Online Dating OS course specifically to give more guys access to an awesome, relatively low-cost resource that can drive immediate tangible improvement in their dating lives fast!

4. Will this help me LAND more DATES?

My Online Dating Operating System is comprehensive with respect to building an awesome profile that women will want to swipe right on.

It's designed to get you more and better matches, fast.

So in a general sense, this course will absolutely help you land more dates. You'll have more matches to ask out!

However, if you are struggling to land dates with women you've already matched with, I'd recommend my Texting OS course instead of, or in addition to, my Online Dating OS.

5. What if I'm short / asian / any other trait that may hold me back?

I won’t lie to you, some guys have a harder time with online dating than others. For example:

  • Many women use height filters on apps, and each inch you are shorter than 5’10” can decrease your pool of potential matches…

  • OKCupid has published data on how men of Asian descent get fewer matches than men from other ethnic backgrounds…

A few thoughts here:

  • Difficulty ≠ dead end. I’ve helped enough guys from both backgrounds (and many more that the raw data would indicate are at a disadvantage) get awesome matches that I can guarantee no one trait, in itself, will stop you from meeting an awesome girlfriend online.
  • That's all the more reason to improve your profiles. Particularly if you face headwinds, you could use an extra engine. Why not give yourself an advantage that other guys don’t have, and perfect the aspects of your profiles that are within your control?
6. Why should I listen to you?

My most important credentials are my clients' results.

I've helped 2,000+ guys learn to attract women they're excited about through my courses and coaching programs. More than 95% of my students say they'd recommend working with me to a friend. In addition to the testimonials scattered across this page, you can check out even more client stories on my Reviews page!

Additionally, my free dating advice is consumed by millions of men per month on my Instagram and has been featured in media outlets like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, NYPost, Forbes, Vice i-D, Cosmo, and more.

7. Why does it cost $149?

I developed my Online Dating Operating System to help more guys match with quality women.

This course is self-serve which means I can offer it at a much lower price point than my programs that include 1x1 coaching and personalized attention!

For context, until August 2022, I offered just one coaching service, my Dating Masterclass. That's an end-to-end program that includes a 1x1 dating profile makeover, and it's the perfect solution if you want to stop feeling awkward or unsure of yourself with women, and start attracting women you're excited about.

However, my Masterclass is also a four-figure investment, which means it's out of reach financially for many guys who need help...

The reason my Online Dating OS course costs $149 is because it's worth it.

I've put literally 10,000 hours into developing and testing the material for this program, and the content has literally been proven to work by thousands of guys from every background you can imagine.

I'm confident you'll agree it kicks butt if you decide to give it a shot 🤠

8. What makes this different from your masterclass?

My Online Dating Operating System is a brand-new, self-serve program specifically designed to help you land better matches on apps like Hinge, Bumble, and OKCupid.

We do touch on some dating psychology (e.g. why women swipe right on certain profiles, and left on others) but the program is quite tactical, and doesn't cover messaging your matches to set up dates, flirting on dates, etc.

Want better matches? My Online Dating OS is for you!

My Masterclass is a more-holistic, end-to-end program that's perfect for guys who feel awkward or unsure of themselves around women, and want to start attracting women they like.

It touches on virtually every aspect of the dating process, including women's dating psychology, the psychology of neediness and over-investment, plus tactical topics like how to build a world-class dating app profile and send great texts (it includes my Online Dating OS and my Texting OS!)

My Masterclass also includes a 1x1 dating app profile makeover, live Q&A, and access to a Discord community where I answer student questions.

Need help with dating more generally? My Masterclass is for you!

Not sure which would be better? This may be the "wrong" thing to say from a business perspective (my Masterclass costs more) but Start with my Online Dating OS.

You can always upgrade to the Masterclass later, and I'd be thrilled to offer you a $149 discount on my Masterclass to credit you for your investment in my Online Dating OS 🤠

9. How long is this course?

My Online Dating Operating System course is 8 "modules," aka lessons, long.

The video modules vary in length, but the total runtime is about 3 hours in length.

You can watch the video modules at your own pace, and you get lifetime access to the recordings!

10. How long will it take to see results?

This depends on how long it takes you to follow the step-by-step instructions laid out in the course!

  • You can make some changes (e.g. re-writing your prompts and written bios) virtually immediately.
  • Others (e.g. getting new photos) may require more time.

Realistically, I'd expect to invest one concerted weekend of effort to see a big improvement in your matches.

With that in mind...

What are you waiting for?! 😉


My Online Dating OS contains simple advice and strategies I've personally seen help over 2,000 clients from all different backgrounds get better matches, including:

  • Guys who are 5'4" when wearing their thickest-soled boots
  • Guys who swore they were "unphotogenic" or "ugly"
  • Guys looking for very specific partners (e.g. only willing to date Jewish women)
  • Guys who just emigrated from India to the United States
  • Guys with serious disabilities (e.g. confined to wheelchair)
  • Guys who never got matches before

I share this for two reasons:

  1. If you ACTUALLY follow the advice, I can virtually guarantee you will get results. The strategies we cover are quite comprehensive, and include ways to test whether you've implemented them correctly.
  2. If you don't get results, I can virtually guarantee you didn't ACTUALLY follow the advice. Specifically, your photos probably suck, and you should watch Module 3 again (and get your butt of your couch to get 5P photos!)

The only real exception here is if you live in a super remote location.

No women nearby for you to match with? You probably won't get many matches, and that's not something I can help with (beyond encouraging you to move somewhere you'll have more options if you're serious about landing a partner 📍)

With that in mind, it's important to set fair expectations...

This course will help you IMPROVE your matches, but it's not magic.

If you're getting zero good matches today, don't expect to suddenly start attracting supermodels after taking this course.

(Many of the models you see on dating apps are scammers or bots anyway, but that's a whole separate topic 😌)

Different guys have different "ceilings," at least with respect to who their online profiles are going to attract.

My Online Dating OS course will help you make YOUR best possible profile.

Depending on who you are, and what your expectations look like, you may need to improve aspects of your life OUTSIDE of your dating profiles (and outside the scope of this course!) to attract the types of women you want to date.

Check out my 1x1 Jumpstart Program to learn how I can help.

12. What’s your refund policy?

I don't offer refunds for my Online Dating OS for one simple reason...

It's proven to work!

The strategies we cover have been tested, refined, and perfected through helping 2,000+ guys from all different backgrounds get better matches, plus a decade of my own experiences and observations swiping on apps like Bumble and Raya before I met my husband.

If this course doesn't help you, it's virtually always because you're not implementing the advice correctly (e.g. your photos aren't actually "5P" or your prompts don't pass the friend test, etc 😬)

If you're the type of person who'd still consider asking for a refund after reading this (e.g. you're super skeptical this can help you, or $149 USD a stretch for you financially, or you're "already getting matches" but you're seeking something "advanced")...

My Online Dating OS is NOT for you! Please don't buy it.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but I want to focus my energy on the 99% of guys who take my programs, love what they learn, and get great results fast; not the 1% of guys who come up with excuses for why they can't be helped ❤️

13. OK fine, what's next?

Tap here to sign up already 😃

What more clients are saying


Shortly after I finished your course, I started dating my wonderful girlfriend Barrie, and we've now been together about a year. I'm thrilled to be one of your (many) success stories.


Get the matches you deserve

4.86/5 (from 2,000+ students)