How To Get A Top 1% Profile + Better Matches Fast

Learn the EXACT steps that's helped 3,000+ guys land quality matches on apps like Hinge — even if you're not photogenic!
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Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
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4.86/5 (from 3,000+ clients)


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Women Are Accidentally Swiping Left On You


On apps like Hinge, ALL women struggle to tell the difference between:

  1. Awesome guys (probably you!) who bring a ton to the table, but aren't experts in online dating profile design, and...
  2. Slimy guys (probably not you!) who happen to be good at marketing themselves on the internet.

If you’re one of those guys who sees beautiful women on apps like Hinge, but you never seems to land quality matches…

Or you worry you’re not the “type” of guy that quality women swipe on, so you've given up on online dating…

You need to hear what I’m about to tell you!

✘ The problem isn't YOU.

✓ The problem is your PROFILE.

If you follow a few simple-but-critical steps, single women will become excited to swipe right on you!


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Blaine teaches you to be yourself, and position yourself, in a way that you can attract and sustain a relationship with women you thought were out of your league. Thank you for everything, Blaine!


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Online Dating is 100% About Marketing

Once you've built a profile that highlights your best characteristics, you'll see an immediate and lasting improvement in the quality of your matches on apps like Hinge.

But the trouble is that most guys suck at marketing themselves 😬

They don’t know WHAT photos to get, let alone WHERE to get them, or HOW to write good prompts.

They think you need to be Channing Tatum to get quality matches online, and that's simply not true.

Contrary to popular belief, online dating doesn't have to suck, and you don’t need to be a celebrity (or even particularly handsome) in order to match with quality women!


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Whether you are totally introverted and shy, or you can get dates, but you’re getting friend-zoned, the solutions are there. Blaine's program is for anyone who just wants to level up, and tweak a few areas...


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You Don't Need to be Tall, Rich, or Ripped to Meet Women Online!

Whether you're using Bumble, Tinder,, OKCupid, Jdate, or Raya...

What I’ve discovered after years of helping 3,000+ guys like you is that there are only 3 fundamental things you need to know in order to build a top 1% profile, and start getting quality matches online:

  1. Get the RIGHT photos. They're called "5P" photos, and they make a huge difference in the quality of your matches.
  2. Write the RIGHT prompts. Attractive women look for 4 specific lines you shouldn't leave out of your written bio.
  3. Nail the important DETAILS. These are seemingly little things that 95% of guys overlook, to their own detriment.

These 3 building blocks give you the foundation to start matching with women you're actually excited about 🔥

Stop worrying that you’re not attractive!

Landing great matches starts with these 3 steps.


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I continue to appreciate your help to make it possible for me to meet people like her!


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Here’s Why This Matters for You...

I’m Blaine, and I’m the #1 dating coach for men!

I’ve spent years helping 3,000+ guys meet and attract women they’re excited about.

I just finished compiling every secret, trick, and shortcut I’ve learned along the way into my new Online Dating Operating System video course.

I made it to help YOU quickly and easily build a magnetic profile that women are EXCITED to swipe right on.

(Yes, it's specifically built for guys who aren't getting the matches they want today 😜)

If you're tired of seeing attractive women on apps like Hinge, only to be stuck with crummy matches after months of swiping…

My Online Dating OS will work for you!

Whenever you have a few hours to learn something new...

Just follow exactly what I teach you in my Online Dating OS, and you’ll be landing higher-quality matches in now time!


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Shortly after I finished your course, I started dating my wonderful girlfriend Barrie, and we've now been together about a year. I'm thrilled to be one of your (many) success stories.


Blaine wearing a white jacket in a loft, looking at her computer, smiling

Don’t Be The Lonely Guy With Zero Matches

You’ve probably seen countless women on apps like Hinge that COULD HAVE been amazing matches.

But your profile didn't stand out...

These women swiped left, and you missed the connection 🥶

Maybe you've even wondered if you could have done something differently, so you could have another shot...

You will regret these moments, and beat yourself up over them!

I don’t want it happening to you anymore!

Once you commit to making a top 1% profile, and put in the work to get the right photos, you will see immediate results in your dating life.

And by results, I mean rock-solid confidence in how you market yourself, attractive women sending you messages on Hinge, and jealous looks from OTHER guys who wonder what they're doing wrong.

And it all boils down to the simple step-by-stop process that I’ll teach you in my Online Dating OS.

Want to stop feeling frustrated with online dating?

Ready to stop passively waiting, hoping for matches that never seem to materialize?

Tap below to join me!


How My Online Dating OS Works

🎬 My Online Dating OS is an 8-module video course that covers EVERYTHING you need to know to build a top 1% profile, and land high-quality matches on app like Hinge.

Details are below!

Screenshot of Module 1

Module 1: 
Online Dating Strategy

✔ Why most guys fail at online dating, and why you will succeed!

✔ The digital marketing strategy we'll use to make your profiles magnetic

✔ Principles to maximize your results with the course, and your matches online

Module 2:
The Missing Manual

✔ How to conquer the app algorithms that control your success on apps like Hinge

✔ The exact steps to reset your rankings, so you get in front of QUALITY women

✔ Swiping secrets to avoid getting penalized by the algorithms

Screenshot of Module 2
Screenshot of Module 3

Module 3:
Picture Perfect Phtos

✔ The #1 photo that dictates whether women swipe left or right on your profile

✔ My 5P formula that anyone (including YOU!) to capture the right photos

✔ Exactly how to get 5P photos, even if you suck at taking pictures

Module 4:
Writing The Right Bio + Prompts

✔ The 4 essential elements to include in your bio & prompts to attract quality women

✔ 100+ example prompts that you can COPY or tweak to make your own

✔ Common writing pitfalls to AVOID that cost 95% of guys matches

Screenshot of Module 4
Screenshot of Module 5

Module 5:
Polishing Your Profile

✔ One QUICK trick to meaningfully increase your matches (many guys miss this!)

✔ How to refrain from making the disastrous "TMI" mistake that makes women swipe left

✔ How to use special features on apps, like 3rd party integrations, to your advantage

Module 6:
Real Profile Examples

✔ Pixel-by-pixel analysis of 6 real guys' profiles, 3 good and 3 bad

✔ Crystal clear examples of what makes a profile great (COPY these!)

✔ Crystal clear examples of what makes a profile bad (AVOID these!)

Screenshot of Module 6
Screenshot of Module 7

Module 7:
How To Date On Instagram

✔ The only strategy that WORKS for meeting women on Instagram

✔ Exactly how to make an attractive profile on Instagram + surprising mistakes to avoid

✔ Signs to spot in a girl's profile that tell you whether she's interested

Module 8:
The Wrap Up

✔ Answers to FAQs to further improve your match quantity & quality

✔ Highlights of the most critical things to prioritize to see fast results

✔ Recommendations to land more dates from all of your new matches!

Screenshot of Module 8


What more clients are saying


You have seriously changed my life. I started dating my dream girl 2 weeks ago, and we made our relationship official today!



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is THIS COURSE for?

My Online Dating Operating System (aka Online Dating OS) is for guys who want better matches on apps like Hinge!

😷 Sick of swiping with weak results?

My Online Dating OS is for you! You'll learn exactly how to build a top 1% profile that stands out to the women you're trying to meet.

🤔 Curious if your profile is holding you back?

My Online Dating OS is for you, too! You'll discover the exact steps to put your best possible foot forward online, so you eliminate the "what ifs" that are leading you to missed connections with quality matches today.

🥴 Consistently matching cuties on apps like Hinge already?

My Online Dating OS isn't for you. There are probably things you could learn here, but it wasn't designed for guys who are getting high-quality matches today.

You may want to check out my Approach Academy course instead, which will help you meet women IRL 😊

2. How Does it work? what's included?

My Online Dating OS is an online video course comprised of 8 recorded modules, totaling 3 hours in length.

The program covers a simple, coherent, and effective blueprint for meeting and attracting women IRL, so that you stop feeling awkward or "too shy" when you see girls you like, and unlock the skills you need to confidently land dates 💪

Your purchase of my Online Dating OS includes lifetime access.

The lessons are pre-recorded, and 100% self-serve, meaning you can watch and re-watch them anytime after you sign up — from your computer or your phone!

Immediately after as you sign up, you'll receive access to my student site where the recordings are are hosted.

The process of signing up and diving into the course is usually seamless and instantaneous, but if you have trouble logging in after purchase, just email me, and I'll help you get sorted out 😊

My Online Dating OS does NOT include 1x1 coaching.

This is for two reasons.

1. I made the Online Dating OS to give you a potent resource to meaningfully improve your dating life at a dramatically lower price than my 1x1 programs.

2. The steps you need to follow to land better matches are the same whether you're short, tall, old, young, European, Asian, etc... My Online Dating OS makes these steps simple and actionable, so you can quickly learn and execute them, no matter who you are.

Still, my Online Dating OS is designed to be comprehensive with respect to improving your online dating profiles!

So if you discover there's a profile topic NOT covered in my Online Dating OS that you have questions about, email me, and I'll update the course to cover it.

Looking for personalized advice on your profiles?

Check out my Dating Masterclass, which includes a multitude of opportunities to get personalized feedback, or my 1x1 Jumpstart Program, where you can work 1x1 with me or another coach on my team!

Need help turning your matches into dates?

If you're getting matches already, and just need help communicating so you get dates, not crickets, this isn't the right course for you.

Check out my Texting OS instead, which will teach you how to send the right message every time.


I made my Online Dating Operating System for a few reasons:

First, online dating is ubiquitous today.

It's crazy, but something like 50% of couples are now meeting online today. It's absolutely still possible to land an awesome girlfriend without ever downloading an app like Hinge, but...

Most women are dating online these days, and if you don't want hamstring yourself in the increasingly competitive modern dating pool, you should be dating online, too!

Second, most guys punch below their weight online.

Seriously, it's probably not your fault you're striking out on apps like Hinge.

Marketing yourself online is a specialized skill that many attractive guys lack.

I'd be thrilled to teach you EXACTLY what you need to do to make the type of profile that quality women swipe right on.

Third, I wanted to help YOU.

Until now, my only programs that covered online dating were my Dating Masterclass ($1,295 USD) and my 1x1 Jumpstart Program ($3,985+ USD).

These programs are AWESOME, and deliver a ton of value to my clients, but they're not in everyone's budget.

I don't want you to ever wonder, "Why am I not getting any matches — is something wrong with me?" again, even if you don't have four figures to invest in your dating life today.


Yes, assuming you actually do the work!

One perk of being a man is that you exercise enormous control over how attractive women perceive you to be.

→ Get in better shape? More women will think you’re hot!

→ Improve your career? More women will think you’re hot!

→ Make a better profile? More women will think you're hot!

This course won’t help you with your fitness or career...

But it WILL help you make a top 1% profile, and start attracting the best possible matches you can get online.

So in summary, assuming you're taking care of business in the OTHER areas of your life, my Online Dating OS will help you match with women you're excited about.

Looking at this question another way...

If you’re out of shape and lead a boring life today, you can’t watch this course, and suddenly expect to match with supermodels.

🎩🐰 I’m a dating coach, not a magician!

But if you have a great personal life, you know in your HEART that you should be attracting higher-quality women, and you implement the learnings from my Online Dating OS...

You can 100% expect to land better matches fast!

5. BUT WHAT if i'm short? What if I'm asian? What if i have a physical disability? ETC

My Online Dating OS can 100% help you, but since you asked, please read on!

These questions are awkward, and I get asked them often, so I wanted to address them head-on here...

I won’t lie to you. Online dating is harder for certain guys.

For example:

👉 Many women use height filters on apps, and each inch you are shorter than even 6'2" impacts your pool of available matches…

👉 OKCupid has published data on how men of Asian descent get fewer matches than men from other ethnic backgrounds…

Two thoughts here:

1. Disadvantages ≠ dead end.

At this point I’ve helped enough short guys, and enough Asian guys (as well as enough guys with OTHER traits that the raw data might suggest are at a disadvantage, e.g. guys in wheelchairs) get awesome matches that I can guarantee you that no ONE trait, in itself, will stop you from meeting an awesome girlfriend online!

2. Disadvantage = all the more reason to improve.

If you're facing a headwind, why not give yourself an extra engine? My Online Dating OS can give you a needed leg up against guys who demographically might have an advantage over you.

⚠️ P.S. Just to be clear...

I'm 100% NOT comparing being short to being Asian (or to being disabled) by including this response in my FAQ.

The reason I bunched these questions together here is just that my response to any question about a perceived disadvantage dating online is the same:

  • Disadvantage ≠ dead end
  • Disadvantage = reason to improve

Please assume good intentions, and trust that I'm coming from a good place, by sharing this!

6. Why DOES IT COST $149?

The #1 reason my Online Dating OS costs $149 is because it's worth it!

I've put more than 10,000 hours into developing and testing the material for this program with 3,000+ guys. I'm confident you'll agree it kicks butt if you decide to give it a shot 🤠

Stepping back here...

Until 2022, all of my programs included 1x1 coaching.

This was fine when I only had a handful of clients, but it became untenable as my audience (and the number of guys who wanted coaching) grew.

Offering self-serve courses like the Online Dating OS enables me to give you an AWESOME resource, that will meaningfully change your trajectory, for about the cost of a dinner date!

7. Why should I listen to you?

It's true that I've been featured in top media outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Forbes, and more.

It's also true that MILLIONS of men tune in daily for my free dating advice across my Instagram, my TikTok, and my YouTube.

Hell, Mark Cuban was so impressed with my approach to dating that he offered me a deal on Shark Tank in 2023 🦈


My most IMPORTANT credential is my clients' results.

Over years of coaching, I've helped 3,000+ guys like you build confidence dating, and learn to attract women they're excited about.

More than 95% of my students report they'd recommend working with me to a friend 🤝

In addition to the testimonials scattered across this page, you can check out more of my clients' stories on my Reviews page, and my new Wall of Love.

8. HOW LONG IS THE Online dating os?

My Online Dating OS is about 3 hours in total length.

The course is broken into 8 distinct modules between 10 and 45 minutes in length each 🎬

You can watch the modules at your own pace, and you get lifetime access to the recordings, so you can view (and review) them at your leisure!

9. How long will it take to see results?

Expect to see improvement in your matches immediately after you implement your Online Dating OS learnings!

Certain results (e.g. finding a hot girlfriend) may take more or less time, depending on a few factors.

Effort will be the #1 determinant of your success.

Just to illustrate this, getting great photos may be a multi-week process. Most guys just don't do that many photo-worthy things on a daily basis that you can expect to have 6 A+ photos overnight if you're starting from scratch.

Most guys aren't starting from scratch, tough, and can expect to see a meaningful improvement in the quality and quantity of their matches after investing one CONCERTED weekend of effort into their profiles.

With that in mind...

What are you waiting for?! 😉

P.S. Some factors are outside both of my control.

We'll touch on this more in a moment, but to illustrate this quickly now, let's imagine you live in a super remote town of 300 people...

Even if you follow the instructions in the course to a tee, you may not match with ANY women, simply because there are no single women within 100 miles of you to match with.

My point is that your results don't happen in a vacuum, and the speed at which you see results may be influenced by factors outside of my control!

10. what if my matches don't improve?

My Online Dating OS contains effective strategies I've seen help over 3,000 clients from ALL different backgrounds get better matches on apps like Hinge, including:

  • Guys who are 5'3" on their tippy toes
  • Guys who swore they were "unphotogenic" or "ugly"
  • Guys looking for very specific partners (e.g. only willing to date Jewish women)
  • Guys who just emigrated from India to the United States
  • Guys with serious disabilities (e.g. confined to wheelchair)
  • Guys who NEVER got matches before

I share this for two reasons:

1. ACTUALLY follow the advice? You WILL get results.

The strategies we cover have not only been proven to work...

They even include ways to test whether you've implemented them correctly 💡

Basically, you can bet you'll get results if you ACTUALLY put in the effort, and follow the advice laid out in the course!

2. DIDN'T get results? You probably DIDN'T follow the advice.

Specifically, your photos probably still stink.

Watch Module 3 again, get your butt outside to capture true 5P photos, and use the feedback strategies in the course to calibrate the quality.

The only REAL exception here is if you live in a super remote location...

📍 Zero single women nearby for you to match with?

⛔ You will probably get zero matches!

Beyond encouraging you to move somewhere you'll have more options, I can't do much to help with that.

With that in mind, it's important to set fair expectations...

My Online Dating OS isn't magic.

If you're getting ZERO good matches today, don't expect to suddenly attract supermodels immediately after watching the recordings!

(Many of the models you see on dating apps are scammers or bots anyway, but that's a whole separate topic 😌)

My Online Dating OS will guide you to your PERSONAL best possible profile.

Depending on what you bring to the table, and what types of women you want to date, you may need to improve more than your online dating profiles to attract the women you want to date!

If this sounds like you, check out my 1x1 Jumpstart Program to learn how I can help.

11. What’s your refund policy?

I'm so confident you'll love my Online Dating OS that I'm proud to offer the following money-back guarantee...

Online Dating OS module #1 is on me!

Feel free to sign up, and watch the first lesson. If you decide within 48 hours that you don't want to continue with the course for ANY reason...

Simply email me for a 100% hassle-free refund.

I hope this gives you peace of mind when deciding to check out my Online Dating OS ❤️

To prevent abuse, my only conditions are that you only watch the first module, and that you request your refund within 48 hours of signup.

I'm a small business owner, so I'm unable to offer refunds after 48 hours (or if you've watched >1 course module) for any reason. Thanks for understanding!

12. What if i have another question?

Email me at!

Blaine wearing a white jacket in a loft, smiling

My No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee

Dating is hard enough.

I don't want you to feel any anxiety about trying out my Online Dating OS.

Enjoy the first lesson of my Online Dating OS on me!

If at any point in the next 48 hours you feel like you didn’t get enough value from the course...

Or that you’re not learning what you need to be learning in order to get better matches...

Simply email me, and I'll give you a prompt and hassle-free 100% full refund ❤️

To prevent abuse, my only conditions are that you only watch the first module, and that you request your refund within 48 hours of signup.

Sound reasonable?

Go ahead and click on the checkout button below, and get the quality matches you deserve!


What more clients are saying


I am getting a constant stream of high quality connections on Hinge and have already been on 5 dates in the last 2.5 weeks. I am following your system closely and it's working well. Plus, I met someone IRL at a pub. Thanks again. A+ course.


Get the quality matches you deserve

Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of Blaine's client

4.86/5 (from 3,000+ clients)