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I'm Blaine, and I'm a dating coach for men

I help guys like you (yes, you!) build self-esteem, learn to flirt, and attract women.

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Feel confident and sexually attractive, fast

I've helped 1,000+ clients learn to flirt, avoid the friend zone, and land awesome partners πŸ€ 

My free tips on InstagramTikTok, and YouTube reach 2+ million guys each month, and I've been featured in the NYPost, Forbes, Vice i-D, Cosmo, and more.

I'd love to help you have more fun and options dating!

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What guys are saying about Blaine

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My partner and I have been together for a little over 6 months now. Our chemistry has gotten so much stronger. Thank you Blaine for your guidance, I hope your awesome business continues far into the future!

- Anthony, Port Orchard
2022 Client

Headshot of a man of Indian descent with short hair in a green shirt, smiling

Dating is no longer nerve-wracking. It was purely based on Blaine’s advice that my dating life has improved. Now I don’t feel awkward when I talk to someone.

- KV, San Jose
2022 Client

Headshot of an older, bald man of Western descent, smiling

Blaine completely changed the game for me. When I took her advice, I started to get instant results, and wound up in a relationship with a really cool woman.

- Francis, Washington D.C.
2022 Client

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