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I help guys in ATX meet and date more women they're excited about, fast.
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Let's get your dating life unstuck!

Since moving to Austin in 2020, I've helped 3,000+ clients meet and date girlfriend-quality women 🤠

My free dating tips reach millions of guys each month on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and my work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and even on Austin's own KVUE!

Whether you're looking for a long-term relationship, or just more fun and options dating, I can help 🤘

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frequently asked questions

Austin Dating Coach FAQ

1. What is a dating coach?

My job is to help guys in Austin build confidence, meet women you're attracted to, learn to flirt, land dates, and generally have more fun and options with women.

Specifically, I'll teach you to:

👋 Connect with higher quality women both IRL, and on apps like Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, The League, and Raya.

😏 Create chemistry when you communicate even with the "9s and 10s" you spot hanging downtown today!

📲 Send the right message every time so your texts result in dates, not crickets.

📅 Orchestrate great dates so you have fun, and build deeper connections and relationships.

💇 Upgrade your image by providing actionable advice on your wardrobe and grooming.

🤠 Build confidence so you're comfortably in control, not awkward or anxious, around women.

🔍 Find the perfect partner based on your lifestyle, needs, and goals.

Just in case it wasn't clear elsewhere on this page, many of my clients are based in Austin, but I work with guys all over the world!

2. What are your qualifications?

My #1 qualification is my clients' results:

I've helped 3,000+ men learn to attract women they're excited about, both online and IRL.

More than 95% of my clients report they'd recommend working with me to a friend.

In addition to the testimonials scattered throughout this page, you can check out more of my clients' stories on my Reviews page, and my new Wall of Love ❤️

Additionally, millions of men tune in for my free advice across my Instagram, my TikTok, and my YouTube, and I've been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Forbes, and more!

3. DOES coaching even work?

Assuming you hire a good coach...

Heck yeah it works!

How quickly you see results will depend on several factors:

First, it depends on what you want to accomplish.

Strictly want help getting better matches? Check out my Online Dating OS course, which will teach you EXACTLY how to make a top 1% profile on apps like Hinge.

Struggling to land second dates? I have tons of shortcuts that will help, but A+ confidence and conversation skills can take time to build.

Many men who are considering investing in a dating coach need help with more than just matches which is why I offer my 1x1 Jumpstart Program.

Second, it depends on your work ethic.

Contrary to popular belief, dating it's like any other skill.

Once you understand the organizing principles, the more effort you invest, the better the results you’ll get!

Coaching isn't magic, though, and you can't cheat the grind.

Still, the same way you'd beat most people at pickleball if you spent an hour a day playing with a pro for 3 months, you'll leapfrog most men in your dating pool by spending an hour a day working with me for 3 months 💪

Third, it depends your ability to follow directions.

Working with 3,000+ client has taught me that (A) some guys follow directions MUCH better than others, and (B) this difference corresponds perfectly with guys' results from my coaching programs.

An easy test is whether you got good grades in school when you focused on your studies.

Yes? You can expect fast results from working with me!

No? For example, even when you studied for months, you still failed the test? Honestly you may not get results from coaching, and I don't want you to waste your money.


Hiring a dating coach can start at around $100 USD, and I've heard of Austin-based coaches charging $10,000+ USD 🤯

My services range from $149 USD for my Texting Operating System and Online Dating Operating System courses, to $3,985 USD to work with a coach on my team 1x1 through my Jumpstart Program.

My most popular program, my Masterclass, is in between at $1,295 USD.

A few thoughts on price:

1. Prominent coaches aren't cheap.

Coaches with big online followings tend to have more demand for their services than they can keep up with, and their prices reflect this.

2. Expensive ≠ effective.

Sadly I've worked with a number of Austin-based clients who've wasted tens of thousands of dollars on other coaches who didn't help 😳

3. You can find help on any budget.

If the coach you're considering doesn't have a product or service in your price-range, keep looking. There are great resources out there for anyone who can afford to date!


Good dating coaches ain't cheap, so this is a reasonable question. Consider three things:

First, how highly do you value results?

Coaching can be a significant investment, but if it leads you to your future wife (or even just helps you stop feeling frustrated with women), it may be a steal.

Second, what's your opportunity cost?

If investing in your dating life would mean struggling to make rent, immediately leave this site, and do not hire me, or any other dating coach.

But if investing in your dating life would mean saving a little less this month, then why are you still reading this?! Let's chat already :)

Third, what happens if you don't hire a coach?

Think about yourself in 10 months, and even in 10 years. What does your life look like if you stay on your current path? What does your life look like if you hire a coach?

One more thing to consider — good coaches offer money-back guarantees (myself included!) so you can try their services without taking on excessive risk.

6. Is a dating coach right for me?

Didn't your parents tell you not to ask a barber whether you need a haircut?! 💇

Just kidding. My career is in a place where I regularly have to turn down clients, so I can answer objectively...

Honestly, it depends!

Many guys benefit from working with a dating coach, but some guys don't...

Three things to consider are:

1. Do you have growth mindset?

As long as you believe you don't know EVERYTHING about dating already, you'll probably learn a ton by working with me or another qualified dating coach.

If you doubt you have anything to learn about dating (or you have a victim mentality about life and dating), however, I can't help you.

2. Are you ready to take action?

If you're motivated to see results, and you're willing to shake a leg to get them, I can probably help you.

If you're working through serious personal issues, and you're not sure you're ready to date yet, you're not ready for me yet.

3. Can you comfortably invest in yourself?

I mean "invest" holistically. Do you have time, energy, and money you can invest in yourself?

If yes, you'll see high ROI from hiring a coach.

If no, wait until you're in a more comfortable spot.

7. How well do you know austin?

I know Austin well!

My Austin adventure began in May of 2020, when I came out as an escape from San Francisco's draconian COVID lockdowns. It was love at first sight.

Austin is a phenomenal city for dating.

🚀 The economy is good and growing, which means brutal traffic on Lamar and Mopac (boo!) as well as lots of cute college-educated women moving here for work (yay!)

🚴🏼 There's a strong outdoor culture, despite the insane summer heat, which makes it easy to meet women in-person (e.g. at Zilker, or running around Ladybird).

🥳 There's tons of awesome bars, restaurants, and activities for dates. Some of my favorites include Joann's, Suerte, Flo's and Sagebrush.


You're on her website 🤠

In all seriousness, I'm not sure anyone can claim to be the BEST dating coach for a few reasons...

First off, comparisons tend to be apples-to-alligators.

Different dating coaches focus on different things:

  • There are pickup artists, who teach guys lines to spit at girls on 6th Street in hopes of getting laid...
  • There are online dating coaches, who focus exclusively on remaking your profiles for apps like Hinge...
  • There are more holistic coaches like me, who take a systems-oriented approach to each aspect of dating...

Second off, it's hard to measure results.

It's sad, but many coaches share fake client testimonials, which makes it hard to tell who's ACTUALLY good.

Pay close attention to any coach's testimonials, and decide for yourself if they feel authentic.

It took me working with 3,000 clients to get 100+ real client reviews because even my most successful clients often feel awkward admitting they hired a coach!

One other thought here...

The "best dating coach" lists Google surfaces in searches are pay-to-play b.s. 💩

It's great that I'm included on them, but being honest, the people who create these lists don't actually evaluate coaches' skills, or their clients' results.

Avoid coaches who claim their inclusion on these "best" lists is sufficient reason to hire them 🙄

9. how Should i CHOOSE a dating coach in ATX?

There are terrific dating coaches who specialize in serving clients in Austin, and there are some charlatans you want to avoid 😜

To choose the right coach, consider:

1. Do you want to work with a coach physically in Austin?

More specifically, do you want in-person coaching, do you just want to a coach who knows Austin and understands the dating scene there, or is neither factor important?

For context, most dating coaches (myself included) practice remotely, though some offer in-person services.

2. Does the coach know what they're talking about?

Most coaches publish free advice on social media to attract clients (e.g. I share dating tips on my Instagram daily).

Does the coach's advice resonate with you? When you try out their advice, does it have the desired effect?

3. Are their testimonials legit?

A trustworthy coach will have tons of client stories and reviews like mine you can watch before making a decision.

If you're considering a coach and they have few or questionable-looking reviews, run.

4. Would you want them in your social circle?

Your coach will be by your side for weeks or months throughout your dating journey. It's critical to feel confident you'd enjoy their company riding shotgun with you!

10. how much time should i be able to invest?

The answer depends on what you're trying to accomplish, but I offer several programs that have helped busy guys (e.g. CEOs and pro athletes) get results fast.

How I'd suggest you think about it:

Have enough time to date today?

If you're actively dating currently (or you would be actively dating if you were meeting more women!) you 100% have enough time to work with a dating coach.

Not enough time to date today?

If you often cancel or avoid dates because of work or family commitments, wait to hire a dating coach until you have more spare time.

11. What if i have another question?

Email me at blaine@datingbyblaine.com!