Discover the 5 Simple Steps to go from Awkward to Attractive when you Approach Women

I'll teach you the blueprint that's helped 3,000+ guys learn to RESPECTFULLY meet women IRL... even if you're shy or have ZERO experience!
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Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of Blaine's client

4.86/5 (from 3,000+ clients)


What guys are saying about Blaine

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Women Are Begging To Meet Men Who Will Approach Them

I'm dead serious!

I've surveyed over 13,000 single U.S. and U.K. women ages 18 to 35:

  • 98% of women said they’d prefer to meet their future boyfriend in-person versus online...
  • 95% of women said they WISH they were approached MORE often 🤯

If you’re one of those guys who sees beautiful women IRL but you shy away because you’re not sure what to say…

Or you worry you’re not the “type” of guy women WANT to meet, and you don’t want to be awkward, weird, or creepy…

You need to hear what I’m about to tell you!

Attractive women WANT to be approached.

This is NOT pickup artist b.s. 💩

If you follow a few simple-but-critical steps, single women become excited to meet and flirt with YOU!


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Blaine teaches you to be yourself, and position yourself, in a way that you can attract and sustain a relationship with women you thought were out of your league. Thank you for everything, Blaine!


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Being Approached is Fun, Flirty, and Seductive For Women

When you approach the right way, you can trigger massive attraction inside any woman within seconds.

But the trouble is that most guys don’t know WHERE or HOW to approach, let alone WHAT to do once they’ve started a conversation 😬

They think you need to be Brad Pitt to approach women, and that's simply not true.

Contrary to popular belief, approaching isn’t hard, and you don’t need to be an extrovert in order to meet women IRL!


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Whether you are totally introverted and shy, or you can get dates, but you’re getting friend-zoned, the solutions are there. Blaine's program is for anyone who just wants to level up, and tweak a few areas...


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You Don't Need to be a Movie Star or Pickup Artist to Meet Women IRL!

Whether you’re at a coffee shop, a restaurant, a grocery store, a bar, or the gym…

What I’ve discovered after years of helping 3,000+ guys like you is that there are only 5 fundamental things you need to know in order to go out, approach women, and lead conversations that turn into dates.

These 5 building blocks give you a solid flirting foundation, and the core confidence that will allow you to approach anytime, anywhere, with any woman 🔥

Stop worrying that you’re not attractive!

Approaching successfully starts with these 5 steps.


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I continue to appreciate your help to make it possible for me to meet people like her!


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Here’s Why This Matters for You...

I’m Blaine, and I’m the #1 dating coach for men!

I’ve spent years helping 3,000+ guys meet and attract women they’re excited about.

I just finished compiling every secret, trick, and shortcut I’ve learned along the way into my new Approach Academy video course.

I made it to help YOU quickly and easily approach women the RIGHT way.

(Yes, it’s specifically geared towards attracting the opposite sex 😜)

Whether it’s the cute barista you see daily at your favorite coffee shop, or a girl standing across the bar that you want to break the ice with…

Approach Academy will work for you!

The next time you’re out in public and you see a woman you’re attracted to...

Just follow exactly what I teach you in my Approach Academy, and you’ll be flirting in no time!


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Shortly after I finished your course, I started dating my wonderful girlfriend Barrie, and we've now been together about a year. I'm thrilled to be one of your (many) success stories.


Blaine in a tan top leaning against a white-painted brick wall, touching her hair, smiling

Don’t Be The Lonely, Sidelined Guy!

You’ve probably been in countless situations where you COULD HAVE approached, if you felt more confident.

But you were so damn nervous to make a move, or so afraid to look like a fool...

That you froze up cold, and never approached 🥶

Maybe you were paralyzed by countless what-if scenarios racing inside your head...

You will regret these moments, and beat yourself up over them!

I don’t want it happening to you anymore.

Once you make the commitment to learn to approach, and you put yourself out there, you will see immediate results in your life.

And by results, I mean rock-solid confidence meeting women in public, attractive women flirting with you, and jealous looks in the eyes of OTHER guys who will wish they had half the confidence and skill you will have!

And it all boils down to the 5 simple strategies that I’ll teach you in Approach Academy.

Want to stop feeling anxious and afraid when you spot a woman in public you’d like to meet?

Ready to stop passively standing by, hoping and waiting something will happen?

Tap below to join me!


How Approach Academy Works

🎬 Approach Academy is an 8-module video course that covers EVERYTHING you need to know to confidently and respectfully meet and attract women IRL.

Details are below!

Approach Academy Module 1 Slide

Module 1: 
Approach Strategy

✔ My foolproof 5-step process to feel attractive, not awkward, approaching any girl

✔ Minimum standards ALL guys need to meet to successfully approach women

✔ An important rule to maximize your results with the course, and approaching generally!

Module 2:
Breaking The Ice

✔ Signs women GIVE you to approach them, body language secrets you can use to your advantage

✔ My 3 strategies to consistently and successfully start conversations — ZERO awkward pickup lines required!

✔ How to FLIRT appropriately, so you don't come across as too STERILE, or too SEXUAL

Approach Academy Module 2 Slide
Approach Academy Module 3 Slide

Module 3:
Leading The Conversation

✔ How to consistently lead conversations that spike HER attraction to you, even if you're awkward

✔ The 3 qualifying steps that make her to say "YES" when you ask her out — 99% of guys miss these!

✔ Precisely when and how to make your move, so you land NUMBERS & DATES, not "no thanks..."

Module 4:
Exploring Environments

✔ My bulletproof framework for understanding where you SHOULD (and SHOULDN'T) approach women

✔ Deep dives on the RIGHT way to approach at the gym, cafés, bars and clubs, the grocery store, and more!

✔ The BEST places to meet girlfriend-quality women based on my experience helping 3,000+ guys

Approach Academy Module 4 Slide
Approach Academy Module 5 Slide

Module 5:
Special Situations

✔ How to approach in PROFESSIONAL situations where she's working (e.g. your barista, or doctor)

✔ The best approaches in GROUP situations (e.g. she's at dinner with her girlfriends)

✔ What to do in OTHER situations, like if she's your neighbor, if she's wearing headphones, and more!

Module 6:
Managing Missteps

✔ If and when it happens, EXACTLY how to handle rejection with calm confidence

✔ A powerful strategy that flips the script, and gives YOU control of every interaction

✔ The 5 biggest mistakes for YOU to avoid that screw OTHER men up when approaching women

Approach Academy Module 6 Slide
Approach Academy Module 7 Slide

Module 7:
Case Studies

✔ Breakdowns of a half-dozen AMAZING real-life approach stories you can leverage

✔ Clear examples the BEST approaches, including how my husband approached me at the gym

✔ Two CLOSE but ultimately BAD approaches —learn from, and AVOID, these!

Module 8:
FAQ & Next Steps

✔ How to handle another guy vying for the same girl, what to do if you're REALLY anxious, and more!

✔ The 2 surprising but universal psychology principles that YOU can use to your advantage

✔ Next steps to avoid GHOSTING, land second dates, and more!

Approach Academy Module 8 Slide


What more clients are saying


You have seriously changed my life. I started dating my dream girl 2 weeks ago, and we made our relationship official today!



Frequently Asked Questions


Approach Academy is for guys who want to meet and attract women they see in real life (IRL)!

😷 Sick of swiping?

Approach Academy is for you! You'll obtain a consistent, repeatable, and effective process for identifying and attracting women IRL.

😓 Tired of feeling too awkward to approach girls?

Approach Academy is for you, too! You'll discover how to stop feeling awkward, and start feeling confident, when you spot women you want to approach.

😊 Want to know what to say, and how to escalate, when you meet attractive women?

Approach academy is also for you! You'll learn conversation strategies that enable YOU to romantic create chemistry, lead your interactions with women toward dates.

🥴 Feel confident approaching women already, and want to date supermodels?

Approach Academy isn’t for you. There are probably things you could learn from this course, but it’s not designed for guys who already feel confident approaching and attracting women IRL.

😛 Want to "pick up" as many girls as possible?

Approach Academy probably isn’t for you, either. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy physicality with women, and your Approach Academy learnings will probably lead you to more physical fun, but this course isn’t DESIGNED to help you maximize hookups.

2. How Does it work? what's included?

Approach Academy is an online video course comprised of 8 recorded modules, totaling just under 3 hours in length.

The program covers a simple, coherent, and effective blueprint for meeting and attracting women IRL, so that you stop feeling awkward or "too shy" when you see girls you like, and unlock the skills you need to confidently land dates 💪

Your purchase of Approach Academy includes lifetime access.

The lessons are pre-recorded, and 100% self-serve, meaning you can watch and re-watch them anytime after you sign up — from your computer or your phone!

Immediately after as you sign up, you'll receive access to my student site where the recordings are are hosted.

The process of signing up and diving into the course is usually seamless and instantaneous, but if you have trouble logging in after purchase, just email me, and I'll help you get sorted out 😊

Approach Academy does not include 1x1 coaching.

This is for two reasons.

1. I made Approach Academy to give you a potent resource to meaningfully improve your dating life at a dramatically lower price than my 1x1 coaching offerings.

2. The steps you need to follow to successfully approach women are the same whether you're short, tall, old, young, European, Asian, etc... Approach Academy makes these steps simple and actionable, so you can quickly learn and execute them IRL, no matter who you are.

Still, Approach Academy is designed to be comprehensive with respect to approaching women IRL!

So if you discover there's an approach topic NOT covered in Approach Academy that you have questions about, email me, and I'll update the course to cover it.

Exclusively looking for personalized dating advice?

Check out my Dating Masterclass, which includes a multitude of opportunities to get personalized feedback, or my 1x1 Jumpstart Program, where you can work 1x1 with me or another coach on my team!


I made Approach Academy for a few reasons:

First, approaching an ESSENTIAL skill for single men.

If you can't confidently approach women IRL, your options are limited to whatever is available to you on apps like Hinge...

This is NOT a good position to be in 🤕

Many women simply don't date online (especially the MOST attractive women — they have too many options IRL!) plus online dating is unpredictable and expensive.

Furthermore, why cede 100% control of your dating life to a bunch of Match Group engineers, whose top priority is taking your money?!

Once you learn to approach women the right way, the entire WORLD becomes your personal dating app 🤠

You realize you have options. The stress and anxiety of being single fades away.

I want to help more guys achieve this peace of mind, and find awesome girlfriends IRL!

Second, single women WANT to be approached.

I have tons of attractive girlfriends who are DESPERATE to meet guys, but swiping isn't working for them. There are just too many creeps online.

Like I've mentioned several times on this page, 95% of single women WANT to be approached more often!

Teaching men to approach in a HEALTHY way via Approach Academy is also a gift to the ladies.

Third, I wanted to help YOU.

Until now, my only programs that covered approaching were my Dating Masterclass ($1,295 USD) and my 1x1 Jumpstart Program ($3,985+ USD).

These programs are AWESOME, and deliver a ton of value to my clients, but they're not in everyone's budget.

I don't want you to ever worry, "Is it creepy if I introduce myself?" or "Should I ask her out?" again, even if you don't have four figures to invest in your dating life today.


Yes, assuming you do the work!

One perk of being a man is that you exercise enormous control over how attractive women perceive you to be.

→ Get in better shape? More women will think you’re hot!

→ Improve your career? More women will think you’re hot!

→ Learn to approach? More women will think you’re hot!

This course won’t help you with your fitness or career...

But it WILL help you build confidence, learn to approach, and lead fun and flirty conversations with women.

So yes, assuming you're taking care of business in the OTHER areas of your life that matter, Approach Academy will help you get a hot girlfriend!

Looking at this question another way...

If you’re out of shape and lead a boring life today, you can’t watch this course, and suddenly expect to turn into Ryan Reynolds.

🎩🐰 I’m a dating coach, not a magician!

But if you have a solid personal life, you know in your HEART that you should be attracting higher-quality women, and you implement the learnings from Approach Academy...

You can 100% expect to land an awesome girlfriend fast!


That's OK!

Approach Academy was designed with you in mind.

Almost 90% of my students identify as introverts, so you'll be in good company 🤝

Interestingly, you don’t need to be extroverted to meet or attract women IRL!

Approach Academy will help you master the PSYCHOLOGY of approaching, and help you understand WHERE and HOW to approach so you feel comfortable, even if you're shy.

Furthermore, knowing you have trustworthy approach blueprint (and watching it work once you're using it!) will MAKE you feel confident meeting and chatting with women.

☝ It’s worth caveating that SOME degree of self-esteem is probably a prerequisite for seeing results from Approach Academy, though.

Like, if you’re plagued by CONSTANT and PARALYZING doubt that you will EVER be able to enjoy female company, and you’re suspicious my course can help you…

Therapy will probably be a better choice than Approach Academy!

Feel OK about your life and identity, and seeking confidence approaching women?

Approach Academy will be VERY helpful for developing the confidence you need to make your breakthrough!


If you’re overweight, get Approach Academy, and get your ass to the gym, too!

You can start building skills with Approach Academy right away, and you'll see BETTER results once you feel better about your appearance 💪

If you’re worried you’re GENERALLY unattractive...

First off, after working with 3,000+ guys, I’ve learned there’s almost ZERO correlation between how physically attractive a man THINKS he his, and how physically attractive WOMEN actually find him to be.

I don’t have time to fully explore this phenomenon here, but in short...

>90% of the guys who think they’re unattractive are anchoring to ancient or anecdotal evidence (e.g. a high school crush’s opinion).

These guys are perfectly capable of attracting an awesome girlfriend, once they get out of their heads 😅

Looking at this another way...

It's true in a cosmic sense that some guys are more physically attractive than others.

All else equal, physically attractive guys will have an EASIER time approaching women IRL!

That’s all the more reason YOU must learn to approach.

Learning to approach the right way will give you a needed leg up against your competition 😎

7. Why DOES IT COST $149?

The #1 reason Approach Academy costs $149 is because it's worth it!

I've put literally 10,000 hours into developing and testing the material for this program. I'm confident you'll agree it kicks ass if you decide to give it a shot 🤠

Stepping back here...

Until 2022, all of my programs included 1x1 coaching.

This was fine when I only had a handful of clients, but it became untenable as my audience, and the number of guys who wanted to work with me, expanded.

Offering self-serve courses like Approach Academy enables me to give you an AWESOME resource, that will meaningfully change your trajectory, for about the cost of a dinner date!

8. Why should I listen to you?

It's true that MILLIONS of men tune in daily for my free dating advice across my Instagram, my TikTok, and my YouTube.

I've also been featured in media outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Forbes, and more.

Hell, Mark Cuban was so impressed with my approach to dating that he offered me a deal on Shark Tank 🦈


My most IMPORTANT credential is my clients' results.

Over years of coaching, I've helped 3,000+ students learn to attract women they're excited about.

More than 95% report they'd recommend working with me to a friend 🤝

In addition to the testimonials scattered throughout this page, you can check out more of my students' stories on my Reviews page, and my new Wall of Love.

9. Are you a pickup artist?

No. Pickup artist tactics are cringey and awkward!

Pickup artists teach you “tricks” to deceive women into sleeping with you.

I don’t personally think there’s anything wrong with wanting to enjoy physical intimacy with women, but deception is bad for too many reasons to list here, not least of which is…

Deception doesn’t really work!

Deception only attracts low-quality women, plus eventually your list of “tricks” and pickup artist lines will run out.

The women you’re talking to (or hooking up with, if you managed to get that far...) will see through your b.s., and you’ll be back at square one.

My mission is to teach you to attract women in a healthy, sustainable, and authentic way.

I want you to attract high-quality women by being yourself, without worrying about running out of lines 😝


Approach Academy is just under 3 hours in total length.

The course is broken into 8 distinct modules between 15 and 30 minutes in length each 🎬

You can watch the modules at your own pace, and you get lifetime access to the recordings, so you can view (and review) them at your leisure!


Expect to see real improvement in your confidence approaching women, and the quality of your conversations with them, immediately after watching Approach Academy!

Certain results (e.g. finding a hot girlfriend) may take more or less time, depending on a few factors.

Practice will be the #1 determinant of your success.

It should be no surprise that guys who practice their Approach Academy learnings DAILY will see results 30x faster than guys who practice them MONTHLY.


If you live at sea aboard a naval cruiser, there are probably far fewer women available to you to approach than if you live in an apartment in the West Village of Manhattan.

This will obviously impact your results as well 😌

Assuming you live in an environment where you can spend a few minutes a day implementing the simple lessons from Approach Academy, though, expect to begin landing dates with women you’re excited about fast!


Let's be clear about something...

Even with Approach Academy, you will still get rejected sometimes.

This is because literally NO ONE — not Leonardo DiCaprio, not Derek Jeter, not Drake — is successful with women 100% of the time.

Even with the perfect approach, a woman might not be interested in you for any one of 100+ reasons.

Most critically, only 1 in 3 prime dating age women is even single, according to Pew Research Center data!

With that in mind…

🪖 Approach Academy will help you AVOID and MINIMIZE the rejection.

We take a three pronged approach:

1. Approach Academy teaches you to approach and attract women the RIGHT way, so you successfully get numbers and dates a much HIGHER percentage of the time.

2. Approach Academy teaches you to fearlessly and intelligently navigate conversations with women, so you AVOID situations that lead to rejection.

3. Approach Academy teaches you how to HANDLE rejection when it does happen, so you can quickly dust the dirt off your shoulders, and bounce back.

If that sounds OK, get your butt enrolled already!

If that sounds terrifying (e.g. your mindset is, "I can NEVER EVER handle getting rejected 😩”) I wish you good luck, but Approach Academy isn't for you.

13. What's your refund policy?

I'm so confident you'll love Approach Academy that I'm proud to offer the following money-back guarantee...

The first Approach Academy module is on me!

Feel free to sign up, and watch the first lesson. If you decide within 48 hours that you don't want to continue with the course for ANY reason...

Simply email me for a 100% hassle-free refund.

I hope this gives you peace of mind when deciding to check out Approach Academy ❤️

To prevent abuse, my only conditions are that you only watch the first module, and that you request your refund within 48 hours of signup.

I'm a small business owner, so I'm unable to offer refunds after 48 hours (or if you've watched >1 course module) for any reason. Thanks for understanding!

14. What if i have another question?

Email me at!

Blaine in a tan top seated on a brick wall facing the camera, smiling

My No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee

Approaching women is intimidating enough.

I don't want you to feel any anxiety about trying out Approach Academy.

Enjoy the first lesson of Approach Academy on me!

If at any point in the next 48 hours you feel like you didn’t get enough value from the course...

Or that you’re not learning what you need to be learning in order to approach women...

Simply email me, and I'll give you a prompt and hassle-free 100% full refund ❤️

To prevent abuse, my only conditions are that you only watch the first module, and that you request your refund within 48 hours of signup.

Sound reasonable?

Go ahead and click on the checkout button below, and learn to approach and create chemistry with women, even if you’re shy or new to dating!

Beat Approach Anxiety, and Attract Women IRL

Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of Blaine's client

4.86/5 (from 3,000+ clients)