I'm Blaine, it's great to meet you!

My mission

I started Dating By Blaine to help men have more fun and options dating en route to landing their dream partners!

Blaine wearing a black dress with a red pattern, seated on a bed, smiling

My work is important to me because single men are increasingly lonely and isolated 💔

According to a survey of >2,000 American men ages 18 to 40 I commissioned in 2023:

  • Over 30% of single men say there's no one they can talk to when they feel lonely, anxious, or depressed
  • Over 40% of single men say they feel lonely often or almost all the time
  • Over 50% of single men say they’re afraid to approach women because they fear being perceived as creepy

My mission is to stem this trend, and help guys find the relationships they deserve.

My approach

I take a systems-approach to dating, and my coaching draws on a wide variety of sources:

🤓 Some academic (e.g. Adlerian psychology, evolutionary biology, descriptive + inferential statistics)

🤠 Some not (e.g. my experiences dating across 6 continents and serving 3,000+ clients)

Blaine in a white tank-top, seated in a wire chair, with her chin resting on her hand, smiling

My Masterclass and Jumpstart curriculums are organized around my "5Es" of dating. These are:

1️⃣  Empathize (understanding what women want, and how to show you've got it)

2️⃣ Embrace (building confidence in + showcasing the things that make you sexy)

3️⃣ Embody (putting your best forward to meet women online and in-person)

4️⃣ Engage (leading flirty, inspiring conversations that create romantic chemistry)

5️⃣ Execute (orchestrating great dates and building relationships on your terms)

Fun facts about me

🤘 I'm a Texan by way of California. My husband and I moved to Austin from San Francisco in 2020.

😻 My dog Dee Dee and my one-eyed cat Cedar are the lights of my life. That's Dee Dee in the photo below!

Blaine in a white jacket with colorful fringe, crouching, holding her dog Dee Dee

💪 I love physical activities like surfing, paddle boarding, yoga, pilates, hiking, and Barry's Bootcamp.

🛫 Before starting Dating By Blaine, I worked in the travel industry, and was a digital nomad from 2016 to 2018.

🐙🌵 I'm obsessed with octopuses (no, I don't eat them!) and saguaro cacti (I grew up in Tucson, Arizona!)

🏅 I've been recognized as a Dating Coach by Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

❤️ Nothing brings me more joy than making my clients successful, and I'd love to work with you!