Funny Bumble Prompt Answers - The 40 Best For Guys

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February 3, 2024
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Funny Bumble Prompt Answers - The 40 Best For Guys

Ok, I totally get it.

Downloading Bumble and facing 40+ prompt options can feel like a wasp sting 🐝😜

Struggling to choose? Stuck on a joke? Want to come across as naturally funny and carefree?

Or maybe you just forgot to have your coffee this morning...

Whatever the problem is, here are 40+ fun answer examples you can copy!

Let's dive in 👇


Bumble Prompts Overview

The whole mantra of Bumble is that girls make the first move...

But who are we kidding?

Ladies can be too shy to open the conversation, so the guys who get matches make this easier with good prompts 😅

A pretty woman hiding her face with her hands

Using Bumble prompts helps you:

  • 🧊 Break the ice, make her laugh, and give her something to message you about
  • 👋 Showcase your personality, and show her that you’re compatible from the start
  • 😜 Have a bit of fun, and show her if you’re looking for fun, vs something more serious
  • 🔦 Make your profile stand out from the crowd

Here's what Bumble Prompts look like when you're setting up your profile:

Screenshot of the settings page in the Bumble app where users can input their prompts

How to use this guide

Bumble offers 40+ prompt options, of which you'll choose 3 to respond to on your profile.

I've shared 40+ prompt answers you can copy below, but first, a word for the wise...

⚠️ Don't mindlessly copy these.


The best prompts (and prompt answers) will be personal to you. These aren't.

Smart guys will use these as inspiration, and customize them for personal use. Here are a few tips to remember that will help:

👉 Keep it light, funny and positive

👉 Show intention

👉 Be specific

👉 Always be yourself 

👉 Niche can narrow your options, but help you find someone comnpatible!

The Best Prompts, and Funny Answer Examples

Soccer star Kylian Mbappé raising a gold trophy

OK, here are dozens of my favorite prompt answers that will make her smile, and swipe right 📲🔥

What makes a relationship great is…

  • Shared appreciation for tacos
  • Mutual agreement to leave parties early
  • Surveying the Sunday scaries together
  • Getting to delete Bumble

I get way too excited about…

  • My first coffee in the morning
  • Fresh bed sheets
  • Stepping on that crunchy looking leaf
  • Dogs in gilets

My personal hell is...

  • Answering these questions (and also eggplant)
  • Saying goodbye to someone then walking in the same direction as them
  • Bars without chicken wings. Why?!
  • "Unexpected item in the bagging area"

I promise I won't judge you if...

  • You also have a Disney character tattooed on your ribs (kidding, or am I?!)
  • You like big butts and you cannot lie
  • Your step count is 35 on a Sunday
  • You too know all the words to the Hamilton soundtrack

My most useless skill is...

  • Making great cups of coffee when I don't like coffee
  • Great on a didgeridoo
  • Limbo. Try me.

A pro and a con of dating me…

  • I can design your dream house but you'll have to pay for it
  • I love traveling but I clap as the plane lands

A fun fact I'm obsessed with...

  • A fear of long words is called Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Oh the irony.
  • Pirates wore eyepatches so that, when below deck after being in the sun all day, they needn't wait for their eyes to adjust to the dark. Arrrrr you impressed? 
  • The man who invented the stocks was the first person to be punished at the stocks, because he tried to over-charge for building the stocks.

If you laugh at this, we'll get along...

  • Two fish are swimming in a river when one of them hits a wall. He turns to the other and he says 'dam'.
  • Did you hear the rumor about butter? I don't want to spread it.
  • I'm a 'good egg' looking for another 'good egg' so that we can get smashed together.

Even MORE prompt + answer examples

  • If you saw the targeted ads I get, you'd think I'm... A craft beer fanatic, or borderline alcoholic
  • When no one's watching, I... Practice kissing using my front facing camera
  • After work you can find me... Finding cute dogs to pose with me for dating app photos
  • If I could have a superpower it'd be... The ability to dodge a hangover
  • As a child I was really into... Pokemon. I can still name all 250 of them. Test me.
  • If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life it would be... Pasta, all day every day
  • I'm still not over... 5'9", thanks mom 🙄
  • Something I learned way later than I should have... Ariana Grande is not a font
  • I'm hoping you... Are a real human, or short of that, at least an above-average chatbot

Wrap up & next steps

Hopefully you’ve found some of these Bumble Profile Prompt tips inspiring!

You’ll notice that these are the themes running through our examples of funny Bumble answers:

  • Making a light joke at your own expense
  • Going super niche
  • Being relatable
  • Playing on words
  • Going full dad joke mode

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