Going To A Wedding Alone As A Guy? Advice From A Dating Coach

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August 22, 2023
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Going To A Wedding Alone As A Guy? Advice From A Dating Coach

I went to a girlfriend's wedding in Cabo last weekend, and was reminded that weddings are the #1 best opportunity for single guys to meet women in-person:

  • Romance is in the air and the single women in attendance will likely be dreaming about finding a partner 😍
  • You likely share interests and values with these women by virtue of traveling in the same social circles as the bridge and groom ☑️
  • There are lots of baked-in mingling opportunities from welcome parties, to the reception, to the dance floor 🕺

Have weddings coming up, and want to make the most of them?

Just make sure you do these four things 👇


1. Go In Feeling Your Best

Man with cucumbers on his eyelids in a spa environment

Confidence is essential whenever you approach women, and this especially true at a wedding!

Before the big day, plan ahead so you feel your best about:

  • 👔 Your outfit. You just need to nail the dress code. Over- or under-dressing guarantees you look like a clown to any single women in attendance. If you’re unsure what to wear (or tend to lack confidence in your outfit choices) don’t be afraid to ask the bride for guidance. Also, it’s essential your clothes fit — baggy is bad, but so is skin-tight. Invest in a tailor if you suspect that suit you bought in college might need adjustment.
  • 😴 Sleep. If you stayed out partying all night, or took the red-eye and didn't catch any sleep on the flight, you won't look or feel your best at the wedding. Don't look worse for wear! Plan your schedule, including travel, so you're well-rested for the key events.
  • 💅 Self care. Take action to feel your best day-of. Maybe this means bringing a pair of running shoes so you can go on a pre-wedding jog. Maybe this means scheduling a massage at the resort you're staying at. Just remember that women WANT guys who take care of themselves!

2. Take Initiative To Introduce Yourself

Group of men and women smiling in nice outfits at a wedding

Even if you're anxious about approaching women you don’t know...

Weddings are actually one of the easiest places to start a conversation.


The women in attendance will be excited to meet and chat with you!

To open the conversation, try something simple like:

"Hi, I’m {YOUR NAME}, I don’t think we’ve met, and I wanted to say hi. What’s your name?"

Then follow it up with:

"Are you a guest of the bride or the groom? I’m a guest of the {BRIDE OR GROOM}…"

… and boom! You’re comfortably conversing before you know it 😃

Also, if you tend to feel anxious about approaching women, check out my free resource on how to overcome approach anxiety!

3. Know Your Story

Two men smiling in tuxedos at a wedding

You’ll probably need to explain how you know the bride or groom a half-dozen times during the wedding weekend 😛

Want to sound sharp chatting with your crush?

Prepare a funny or cute story in advance of the wedding weekend, so you can use it as a conversation catalyst.

To help, here are ideas for stories about your relationship with the groom or bride:

  • How you first met
  • Stories from when you were younger (particularly middle & high school!)
  • A trip you’ve taken together

You definitely shouldn't memorize a monolog to recite, but prepping a few entertaining talking points can help you stir inspiring conversation when you're on the spot 🔦

Don't worry about impressing anyone with stories about your accomplishments.

Just focus on making anyone you chat with smile!


4. Be Ready To Dance

Man and woman practicing a dance in a dance studio

Want to make a lasting impression on that cutie you met during the welcome party?

The dance floor is the perfect place, so be prepared!

Learn two basic dance patterns before the wedding you can show them off when the dance floor action heats up 🕺

Here are two ideas for you...

Pattern #1: Step & Tap

The step & tap is as easy as it gets, and is 100% sufficient for having fun dancing at a wedding for a few songs.

Here’s a solid tutorial video that covers it, and more essential dance moves for men:

Pattern #2: Basic Partner Step & Twirl

There are few better ways to seal the deal with your wedding crush than dancing 1:1, so you should understand basic partner dancing before going in too.

Here’s a video that explains the basics effectively. Plus, you can do these moves to slow or faster songs!

Having solid dance moves is incredibly useful for meeting women, building confidence, and having fun generally.

If you’re willing to invest a little time and money... I couldn’t recommend dance lessons more highly!

Your future girlfriend thanks you 💑

Wrap up & next steps

Now that you know the basics for being successfully single at a wedding, let's talk about how to uplevel your dating life on an everyday basis!

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