How Small Is Too Small For A Woman? A Coach Reveals The Truth

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April 4, 2023
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How Small Is Too Small For A Woman? A Coach Reveals The Truth

Is size on your mind?

You aren’t alone.

It’s 100% normal to wonder how small is too small for a woman 😅📏

I'm Blaine, I'm a dating coach for men, and I'm excited to share the answer!

Let's dive into the 3 things you must know about penis size 👇


1. The Motion Of The Ocean Matters Most

Photo of a boat on the open sea

You’ve probably heard the saying “it’s not about the size of the boat, it’s about the motion of the ocean.”

Guess what!

When it comes to how small is too small for a woman, it’s actually true.

Studies from blue-chip hospitals and universities have reinforced this truth. Here are a few:

  1. The average depth of a vagina is less than 4 inches
  2. Most of the important nerve endings that give her pleasure are in the first 1-2 inches
  3. Women tend not to remember or care about length as much as men think

The "short" (pun intended) is that:

  • You probably worry about your penis size 100x more than she does 😅
  • Even men blessed with massive endowments can feel inadequate 🍆
  • She doesn't always notice a difference from a physical perspective 😸

Basically, get out of your head!

It's scientifically proven that being "too small for a woman” isn't something you need to worry about.

2. Don't Make Your Size A Surprise

Photo of woman looking disappointed in bed with a man

There aren’t strict rules governing how small is too small for a woman.

But if you suspect the size of your penis might disappoint her, “tell” before you “show.”

Set appropriate expectations before you are physically intimate with her by being honest, and not drawing negative energy to the situation.

You can say something general like:

"I think you’re very sexy, and I’m excited to be intimate with you!

For this reason, I wanted to share that my body might be different from what you’re used to…"

Confidence is critical here 💪

If you sound defensive or defeated when you break the news, you’ll color her judgment, and kill the mood.

If you communicate confidently, however, you’ll inspire her to view and appreciate your body in a more-positive light.

This is so important that if you’re concerned about it, I encourage you to practice communicating about your size alone, so you’re confident and composed the next time you’re being intimate with a woman.

Timing is important too.

The size of your penis isn’t an appropriate conversation topic before you’re being physical together. So it’s definitely not something you should bring up on a first date!

Wait until you’re in the bedroom, beginning to undress, whenever in your relationship that is.

Moreover, your size shouldn’t be on your mind before you’re physical together either.

If negative thoughts like “is my penis too small for her” are running through your mind when you’re at dinner with her, you’re not being present on your date…

Snap out of it!

☝️ Failing to be present is much more damaging to your prospects of physicality than the size of your penis.

3. Learn Skills To Make Size Irrelevant

Photo of a man with his head buried in the ground

The only case where being "too small for a woman” is a legitimate concern is when your size physically prohibits you from certain types of intimacy (i.e. sex) 😕

If this is you, instead of feeling frustrated...

Internalize that there are countless other ways to be intimate with a woman that can make her feel just as satisfied!

Specifically, learn to use your hands and your mouth in the bedroom.

This article on clitoral stimulation may be helpful 😜

If you’re skilled in alternative skills like this, she won’t worry about your size, and you can genuinely both enjoy a fulfilling romantic life together.

Wrap up & next steps

Let’s recap quickly. Today we learned that:

  1. The motion of the ocean matters more than the size of the boat 🌊⛵
  2. If your size will be a surprise, you should give her a thoughtful heads up ⚠️
  3. You can make size irrelevant if you have other skills 😜

Try these tips out, check out more ideas to uplevel your dating life below, and let me know how it goes!

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