Cuckold Definition - What It Means To Get Cucked

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April 4, 2023
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Cuckold Definition - What It Means To Get Cucked

I’m Blaine, I’m a dating coach for men, and today I’m going to share:

  1. Cuckold definition (i.e. what is a cuckold?)
  2. What it means to “get cucked” (since any good cuckold definition resource should cover this!)
  3. Resources for “cucks” (so you can get your dating life into shape, no matter where you’re at today)

Let’s get to it 👇


1. Cuckold Definition

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According to the dictionary, a cuckold is:

A man whose wife is sexually unfaithful, often regarded as an object of derision.

You probably already knew that though… What's important to know is:

The terms “cuckold” (and its abbreviation “cuck”) mean something different today.

Today, “cuckold” and “cuck” no longer refer to a man who specifically gets cheated on.

Instead, they refer to a man who suffers through disappointing or embarrassing outcomes with women he’s attracted to 😬

A better cuckold definition (or cuck definition) might be:

A man whose romantic desires are unfulfilled, often because other men seize them first.

To put it simply…

“Cucks” fail to get what they want with women.

For example, a “cuck” might:

  • Let his fear of rejection dominate his desire to approach a woman he’s attracted to 😥
  • Miss out on romantic opportunities because other men swoop in to seize them first 😒

2. What It Means To “Get Cucked”

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It’s also common for the term “cuck” to be used as a verb, for example:

"I got cucked…"

In this context, “getting cucked” can be used to describe:

  • Romantic frustration at the hands of another man (e.g. an attractive guy swoops in to capture the attention of a woman you’re been chatting with… 😒)
  • A non-romantic situation where you’re taken advantage of often unknowingly,(e.g. someone eats your lunch from the shared office fridge… 😮‍💨)

For example, gamers may say things like “we got cucked!” to describe losing, or getting taken advantage of.

Particularly in a dating context, you don’t want to be a cuck, nor do you want to get cucked 😅

If “getting cucked” romantically is weighing on your mind, you can do something about it.

I’ve got some tips to help you take action below.

3. Resources For Cucks

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Now that you have your cuckold definition, and you know what it means to get cucked…

Let’s talk about how to NOT get cucked 💪

Usually guys who get cucked aren’t comfortable speaking up for themselves. They both struggle to express desire, and get stuck in the friend zone...

Here are two resources that may help:

👉 Check out my free resource on how to tell a woman you like her

👉 Check out my free resource on how to avoid the friend zone

Plus, you should snag my other free guides below!

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