My 5 Favorite Day Date Ideas

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August 10, 2023
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My 5 Favorite Day Date Ideas

Dates don’t have to happen in the evening 🌚

If you’re tired of the same “drinks and dinner?” plans, let’s step up your day dating game, so you can create a connection and have fun in the sunshine.

High-level, day date ideas are similar to night date ideas, in that the best dates will:

  • Reflect your personality or interests
  • Facilitate a connection, and a good time

Five of my favorite daytime date ideas are below 👇


1. Hit the Farmer’s Market

Gif of a woman stealing an apple at a farmer's market

Food, fun, fascination…

Your weekly farmer’s market checks all the boxes for awesome day date ideas!

If you’re not a frequent Farmer’s Market goer already, hit Google to find farmer’s markets in your area that you would be keen to check out 🔎

Farmer’s markets are excellent day date ideas because:

  • There’s lots of stimulation (dozens of different foods to try, sights to see, and scents to smell… all of which can stimulate conversation 🤩)
  • They’re mobile (you’ll get some exercise, and because you’re moving, silences won’t feel awkward 🤫)
  • The food tends to be fresh and delicious (plus no matter her dietary preferences, she’ll probably have options 😋)

Also… where else could you discover you share a deep love for artisanal goat’s cheese, or niche Japanese winter squash varieties?! 😜

2. Catch Up at a Coffee Shop

Gif of coffee beans

Coffee shops can make for quality day dates because they are relaxed, and often serve up interesting and delicious beverages 😋

Worried that a coffee shop is too simple and unimpressive for a date?

That’s exactly the point!

The right coffee shop can be the perfect places to have an authentic conversation with someone new, without the pretension of a fancier restaurant or event.

Still, you must a coffee shop that fits the vibe of a date

Starbucks isn’t it.

Find a new concept coffee shop with unique beverages, live music, or particularly swanky or cozy design. This date flops if your coffee shop is boring!

3. Spend the Day at a Winery

Gif of Jennifer Coolidge raising her glass of wine, toasting

Feel like your date won’t be romantic enough without wine?

Double down on vino, and take her to a winery!

You can explore all the beautiful aspects of the winery together:

  • 🍇 Maybe you wander through the vineyard…
  • 🍝 Share a delicious meal…
  • 🥂 And of course, taste some incredible wines

Wineries are definitely on the fancier side of day dates but that doesn’t make them inherently good or bad locations.

If you like the idea of a winery, choose one that fits the vibe of your date (if in doubt, err on the casual side), and have fun!

4. Get Your Sweat On

Gif of Jamie Lee Curtis in a workout class

I’m a firm believer that couples who work out together, stay together.

(My fiancé and I met at Barry’s Bootcamp in San Francisco, and still go together several times a week!)

Fitness is an amazing way to bond with your date if you both enjoy exercising 💪

Workout classes are particularly good date ideas because you’ll get your endorphins up together, and finish the date feeling amazing.

Check out a local HIIT class, yoga, or simply plan to take a walk or a hike.

Running in the park, playing volleyball, or hiking are all great day date ideas that will show your date you care about your health and fitness 🏃‍♀️

And you should 100% grab food or smoothies together after!

5. Go Vintaging

Gif of an appraiser waving her hands on the Antiques Roadshow

Vintage shopping, thrifting, and antiquing can be adventurous and fun day date ideas.

I’m a huge fan because:

  • You can understand your date’s tastes and style…
  • Maybe you’ll experience the joys of uncovering unique treasures and one-of-a-kind pieces together!

📍 Vintaging as a day date idea is especially fun in cities where there are strong options for vintage and antique shopping.

To make this epic day date idea reality, Google to learn if there is an antique or flea market that you can explore together.

Don't worry, you don't have to buy her anything 😏

Wrap up & next steps

Day dates are great ways to make your dating feel, well, brighter!

Show your date a fantastic time with these day date ideas she’ll never forget, and have fun.

Check out more ideas to uplevel your dating life below 👇

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