Signs She Is Developing Feelings for You

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August 10, 2023
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Signs She Is Developing Feelings for You

Women can be discreet and protective of their emotions, especially when they're falling in love 🥰

Curious if a girl is developing feelings for you?

Let's dive into the key signs 🪂


1. She makes proactive efforts

Gif of a girl knocking on a door

The clearest sign a woman is developing feelings for you is that she makes proactive efforts to engage with you.

For example:

  • 🗣 She initiates conversations to learn more about you personally (e.g. your friends, your job, your family, your experiences growing up…)
  • 🏓 She makes moves to participate in your life (e.g. you love pickleball, and she starts playing, so you can play together)
  • 💻 She swings by your desk to ask you questions about work (e.g. she always seems to need your help with a spreadsheet)

Put more simply, if you feel like she's making an effort, there's a good chance she's developing feelings for you!

Likewise, if you feel like you're making an effort with a girl who's not reciprocating, there's a good chance she's not interested, and you shouldn't waste more time on her ❤️

2. She's texty with you

Gif of a woman holding her phone as if she's texting, saying, "I'm texting him right now."

Believe it or not, most women hate texting as much as you do.

So, if you find yourself in engaged text conversation with a woman (e.g. she's asking you questions, and proactively sending you memes), that’s a clear sign she is developing feelings for you 📲

Why? Texting means you're on her mind.

It shows:

  • ✔️ She feels close to you, and involved in your life
  • ✔️ She enjoys chatting with you, and values your opinions
  • ✔️ She likes your attention, and feels happy when you share it with her

Some women just don't like to text, so it’s hardly a red flag if a girl isn’t proactively sending you messages 24/7.

But it's a good sign if one is, and if a girl isn't responding to your texts, that's a clear sign to cut bait.

3. She sends non-verbal signals

Gif of the actress Sasha Grey making eye contact with a camera

A woman's body language is often revealing of how she feels about you.

This is especially true because it gives you a lens into her subconscious: what is she thinking, or feeling, that she isn't telling you?

Pay attention when you’re together for the following signs:

  • 👀 Does she gaze into your eyes?
  • 👟 Does she orient her whole body (e.g. feet) toward you?
  • 👉 Does she touch you often?
  • 🤜 Does she play punch you, grab your arm, or graze your legs?
  • 🤩 Does her smile light up when you enter the room?
  • 😌 Does her body seem relaxed when she’s around you?

All of these can be powerful indicators that she’s developing feelings.

Again — she may not even be conscious of these behaviors, but that doesn’t make them any less important!

4. She Shares Everything with You

Gif of a man saying "sharing is caring"

If you think she is starting to like you, but you’re still not sure…

Notice how deeply she integrates you into her life.

If she shares everything with you, for example:

  • 🆕 She shares updates on her personal life
  • 📲 She sends you news articles or memes she likes
  • 🤝 She introduces you to her friends and colleagues

You can be confident it's a sign she's developing feelings for you!

The more she makes you a part of her life, the more it means she feels a romantic connection, and trusts you 🥰

Particularly if she shares negative news (e.g. she tells you about how her boss was a jerk, or how her dog got hit by a car) it means she trusts you to comfort and support her.

This is important, and good!

She won’t start a relationship with a man who can’t pick her up when she’s down ❤️

Wrap up & next steps

If you’re falling for her, and you think that she may be falling for you too, then go through this checklist of signs she is developing feelings for you:

  1. She’s Interested in You ✔️
  2. She’s Always Texting You ✔️
  3. She Sends Non-Verbal Signals ✔️
  4. She Shares Everything with You ✔️

If she checks all the boxes, then there’s definitely a good chance that she is developing feelings for you and your friendship can turn into romance!

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