Balding? 3 Tips For Single Guys in 2024

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February 3, 2024
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Balding? 3 Tips For Single Guys in 2024

Whether you’re 24 or 64, it’s never fun to realize you’re losing hairs atop your head 😅

The good news is you're not alone. I get emails from guys like this all the time:

“I’m balding, women don’t like that… what do I do?”

First, fear not.

Going bald need not negatively impact your dating life.

In fact, appropriately handled, balding may even improve your love life 📈

Today we'll cover 3 ways to ensure your baldness isn’t holding you back with the opposite sex!


1. Get Out Of Your Head

Man touching his temples, deep in thought

Seriously. Hair less can be tied to stress, so the act of worrying may exacerbate the problem. Likewise...

Worrying about balding less may help solve the problem 😌

Take stock of your life, and consider how you can shed stress:

  • Would vacation or time away from work help?
  • Have you tried talking with a friend or parent?
  • Meditation or yoga are never bad ideas either...

🥒 If you’re already as cool as a cucumber, and stress isn’t the cause...

You may just be one of the hundreds of millions of men facing hereditary baldness.

Balding certainly has psychological costs (e.g. physical reminder of the inevitability of aging and mortality)...

But the sooner you stop focusing on what you’re “missing” and start focusing on what you have, the better for your wellbeing and your hair ❤️

Remember that balding is normal. My fiancé is balding for example! It's a part of life, but it doesn't need to impede your dating life if you don't let it.

2. Strategize

Man shaving his head in the shower

Just like embracing yourself generally is an important part of successful dating...

Embracing your baldness is critical to looking good.


  1. First off, bald looks can genuinely be hot ❤️‍🔥
  2. Second off (and more importantly), how you feel about your appearance tends to matter more than your actual appearance, because it impacts your confidence and mood 🎭

You have two options to embrace balding:

Hide your hair loss

Some guys invest in toupées, others in combovers, still more or baseball caps that NEVER LEAVE THEIR HEADS 🧢

I don’t like this path, because it’s fighting a losing battle.

Toupées are seldom convincing, and tend to do more harm than good (want women wondering "hey, is that a toupée?!")

Stepping back, each of these tactics signals you see a problem with being bald, and you’re insecure about this problem....

Insecurity turns women off like b.o. 🤮

Avoid it!

Embrace your hair loss

Shave your head, or get a cut that doesn’t require much hair to look good, and start feeling awesome about yourself 😎

Trying a new style shows you’re confident, and have nothing to hide.

This is sexy!

⚠️ Important caveat: I'm sharing this advice with guys who are balding past the "point of no return" in mind.

If you’re only starting to bald, there are clinical products that may effectively slow or reverse the balding process.

Do your due diligence, and consider investing in products that makes sense for you (Roman and Hairguard are good places to start).

But if you feel like you're fighting a losing battle with hair loss (particularly if you’ve tried topicals and medications, and aren’t 100% satisfied with the results), it's time for a different approach.

3. Take Action, And Shave It

Attractive bald man lifting himself out of a pool

Assuming you’ve decided to follow my advice, and embrace your hair loss…

Get your butt in the barber’s seat!

If you don’t have a barber you trust and enjoy visiting, chat with a few about options, and work with whoever you vibe with best ✂️

Embarrassed to ask about it? Don’t be!

Think of your barber like a doctor.

It’s literally his or her livelihood to know your options cold, and advise you on the best route.

If you don't trust your barber, find a new one. It's worth a few hours of your time to explore options.

General rule for cutting balding hair: keep it short.

Whether you choose a clean shave, buzz cut, or something else depends on the hair currently on your head.

Before you see a barber:

  • Google styles you might like 🔍
  • Ask trusted friends and family for opinions 💬

Then, take the plunge!

This is a great opportunity to re-think other aspects of your style, too.

  • Wear glasses or sunglasses? Scope new eyewear options that compliment your head's more-streamlined post-cut shape. I recommend Warby Parker to many guys as a brand with reasonably-priced, versatile options you can try on at home 😎
  • Consider growing out your facial hair. If you’re unsure you can grow a beard or mustache, what’s the harm in experimenting? If it’s not working out after a month-or-so, no biggie — shave it off 🎅
  • Need new outfits? Check out my interview with men's stylist Peter Nguyen or my guide on what to wear on a first date for tips.
  • Don't forget to update your dating apps and social profiles! Don’t hold onto pictures from years ago if you look different today 📷

Your dating app profiles in particular should accurately represent who you are now: a confident guy who rocks his new appearance.

Wrap up & next steps

As a dating coach, my job is both “how-to” instruction, and encouragement.

You probably know what to do about your balding, and you just need to do it.

I recently spoke with my client, Brian, who told me he’d been conscious of his thinning hair since his mid-20s (he’s now in his mid-30s) but hadn’t taken action...

After taking my Dating Masterclass (yes this is a humble plug for myself!) Brian said:

"You gave me the permission and the confidence boost I needed to rock bald."

I recently made the leap to shave my head, and I’m so happy I did. I feel great about embracing my bald!"

As a humble plug on behalf of Bill, he’s also recently started dating a woman he’s excited about 🥰

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