Signs A Girl Is Flirting With You (Don't Miss!)

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February 3, 2024
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Signs A Girl Is Flirting With You (Don't Miss!)

Ever wondered, "Is she flirting with me?"

Maybe you’ve even experienced this painful chain of events:

  1. 😗 You see a beautiful girl you naturally gravitate toward...
  2. 😮 Maybe you even chat — she’s not just physically attractive, she’s smart and funny...
  3. 😕 But there’s other people around, or the moment passes, and you didn’t make move...
  4. 😰 You’re filled with regret and “what-ifs”...
  5. 😵 Then, you learn from your friend that the girl was actually into you.

Let's end that today!

Let’s talk about key signs a girl is flirting with you, so you're prepared to make a move.

☝️ First, a disclaimer...

None of these signs in isolation guarantees a woman is interested in you romantically.

(It’s possible to flirt without intention to escalate things further, for example!)

The more of these signs you see, though, the higher the likelihood she is both flirting and interested 🥰


1. She Gives You The Eyes

Gif of actress Sasha Grey peering into the lens of a camera

Ever notice a woman glancing at you out of the corner of your eye?

Maybe she even diverts her gaze when she notices you looking back at her 👀

Especially if you catch her glancing at you a second or third time…

This is a flirting sign, and usually signals she’s interested!

Body language experts suggest that when people first look at each other:

  1. The first look is often used to establish gender 👀
  2. The second look is often used to establish attractiveness 😏
  3. Further looks are used to create connection via eye contact 😃

The same way you may not be able to help but look at a woman you’re attracted to…

If she keeps looking at you, it’s often a sign she's trying to flirt.

Go say hello!

You can literally say:

Hey, my name is {NAME}, I thought we made eye contact so I wanted to introduce myself…

2. She Pays You Compliments

Gif of rapper DJ Khaled saying, "you smart"

Did she mention how good that shirt looks on you?

Or maybe she texted something like, “You’re really smart, so maybe you can help me with this…”

If so, these compliments are signs she’s flirting!

Particularly if her compliments are related to your appearance, it can be a sign she’s interested in you romantically 😏

So, don’t brush compliments off!

Roll with them, and continue the conversation.

3. She Smiles At You

I'll spare you a gif, because you know what this one looks like!

Smiles can be unconscious, or deliberate.

Either way…

If she’s attracted to you, she’ll smile at you 😃

So keep your eyes peeled for a smile, and if you see one, it’s a sign she’s flirting, and you should chat with her.

4. She Touches You

Gif of a Pikachu and an Evee high-fiving

Does she initiate touch with you?

  • Maybe she always wants to hug when you greet each other 🤗
  • Or she puts her hand on your arm or leg when you talk 👋
  • Perhaps she playfully hits you on your shoulder when you tease her 🤜

If she's getting handsy, it's a sign she is flirting with you!

Physical touch is one of the "love languages," and it's how many women express romantic affection.

It’s true that some people just use touch as a playful, non-romantic expression. In some cultures (e.g. Italy) it’s very normal to touch people during normal conversation!

So observe her around others as well before concluding she’s into you specifically 😇

5. She’s Clumsy Or Apologetic Around You

Gif of a woman spilling a glass of red wine onto a white tablecloth

If a girl likes you, particularly if she’s shy or less experienced with men, she may be nervous around you.

This can look like:

  • 😅 Her being clumsy (e.g. knocking something over, or taking a bad step)
  • 😝 Her apologizing for no real reason (e.g. maybe she says “sorry I’m so flustered” when you meet)
  • 🤭 Her babbling or rambling conversationally (most people talk more than they should when they’re nervous)

These can be signs she’s flirting with you!

She may just feel nervous to tell you she likes you, for the same reason you may hesitate to tell women you like that same thing 🙃

(And if you want help in that department, check out my post on how to tell a girl you like her!)

6. She Makes These Non-Verbal Signals

Gif of a ballerina's toe pointing out

If a woman is into you, she may make any of the following gestures or movements:

  • 👟 Her feet point in your direction when you’re talking, particularly if you’re in a group
  • 👜 She toys with her hair or bag when she’s around you
  • 💋 She licks her lips when you’re talking
  • 🗣️ She modulates her voice when you talk, particularly to make it softer
  • ⤵️ She looks down and away after you make eye contact
  • 👀 Her pupils dilate when you talk, because she’s staring at you

These can all be signs she’s flirting!

Basically, pay attention to her gestures and expressions, not just the words that come out of her mouth 🙂

Wrap up & next steps

To recap, the six key signs that reveal if a woman is flirting with you are:

  1. She looks at you repeatedly 👀
  2. She pays you compliments 🤩
  3. She smiles at you 😃
  4. She touches you 👐
  5. She’s clumsy or apologetic around you 😅
  6. She makes key non-verbal signals 🤫

⚠️ Just remember, none of these signs in isolation means she’s interested in you.

For example, if she touches her hair when she’s around you, it may be because there’s something in her hair!

But if you notice multiple signs clustered together, she's likely flirting with you 😏

And you should make a move!

Keep your eyes peeled, check out the signs she's developing feelings for you too, and if you need more help with your dating life, here are a few ideas...

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