Considering therapy? A conversation with Jourdan Travers, LCSW

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April 6, 2023
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Considering therapy? A conversation with Jourdan Travers, LCSW

If you're curious about therapy, you're in the right place!

I chatted with Jourdan Travers, the Director of Awake Therapy and founder of Therapy Tips to learn the answers to questions guys ask about therapy.

Let's dive in 🪂


Q1: Who benefits from therapy? What are signs you should consider it?

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Jourdan: Therapy is something we can all benefit from.

Most of our world's population doesn't have someone in their lives whom they feel they can be open and honest with for fear that their loved one might judge them or think differently of them.

Therapy provides a safe space to explore thoughts, emotions, and sensations, allowing us to get to know ourselves better. This, in turn, often allows us to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others in the process.

Therapy isn't a special membership or club. Anyone can start or stop whenever they'd like.

Q2: What does treatment look like? What does a typical session entail?

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Jourdan: That depends on why the client is choosing to seek therapy at this time.

Perhaps they've decided they want to speak to a therapist to improve their relationships or learn how to manage the stress of their day-to-day life or anything else that's troubling them.

The first session often consists of getting to know one another, getting some information regarding the issue, and clarifying goals, treatment expectations, and next steps moving forward.

Q3. How do you know if you've found the right therapist?

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Jourdan: Finding a therapist may involve some trial and error!

Despite how much we hope to feel a connection, sometimes we don't, and that's okay.

That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you or the therapist. It's a reminder that we're not going to like everyone we meet, and not everyone will like us.

However, I caution patients to give the therapist and the therapeutic relationship a fair shot. What I mean by that is 3–4 sessions. All relationships, including clinical ones, take time.

Q4: Are there specific clients you specialize in?

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Jourdan: Each therapist on my team has a distinct style in how they approach their clients, and the treatment modalities they feel most comfortable using.

But regardless of being specialized in something specific, like EMDR, most therapists are all trained and comfortable in working with mood disorders, addictions, and relationship issues.

Q5: What are your favorite parts about working with clients?

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Jourdan: I genuinely love my job.

I love my patients and the work we do together. I am privileged to wake up each morning excited about what the day may bring. And I love the lessons they teach me about myself and humanity.

Therapy, like any healthy relationship in life, is a two-way street, and as Dr. Irvin Yalom has stated in the past, "I consider myself a fellow traveler."

Wrap up & next steps

Blaine here — I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Jourdan about therapy.

Many of my coaching clients also see therapists, and I think the two services can be highly complimentary.

If you're interested in exploring working with a therapist, check out Jourdan's site Awake Therapy HERE!

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