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Dating App Review: Filter Off (2022)

dating apps Jan 29, 2022

Hi, I’m Blaine, and I’m a dating coach for men. This is my review of Filter Off, a new dating app that’s more like virtual speed dating, plus has a matchmaking component.

What is Filter Off?

Filter Off is a video speed dating app.

Filter Off focuses on creating a new paradigm by prioritizing face-to-face connections. With Filter Off you get to know the person, not the profile.

Filter Off believes that swipe apps created a user experience that lacked genuine connection, but video first dating leverages a user experience that facilitates an authentic experience — no swiping, no catfishing.

How does Filter Off work?

Filter Off hosts public virtual speed dating events that are location-based as well as interest-based events.

For example, if you’re in NYC you’ll see the NYC virtual date night. If you’re into the Keto Diet or maybe you’ve been vaccinated they offer events for those too!

Aside from public events, Filter Off hosts virtual speed dating events for communities. A community can be anything from a Facebook group like a community of self-proclaimed nerds to a local religious organization, to a nonprofit. 

  1. You’ll first install the Filter Off app for Android, iOS or you can access it from the web. 

  2. Create your simple profile

  3. Search and RSVP to a desired event

  4. Filter Off will notify you 1 hour prior to the event to confirm your attendance. 

  5. Filter Off will then begin to schedule your video speed dates!

  6. Hop on your video speed dates

  7. Once the virtual speed date ends, indicate whether you like them and want to match or not

  8. Following the event, you will see if you have any matches. From there you can message or video call them within the Filter Off app.

Who is Filter Off for?

It's for any single who is serious about meeting their person!

You can’t be using Filter Off on the toilet like you may use other swipe apps. It’s an experience. Many women do their makeup beforehand. Men might be drinking a glass of wine. People are excited to meet other singles face to face.

The largest Filter Off audiences are in NYC, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London.

When can you use Filter Off?

You can attend or host a Filter Off event.

Users who want to date on their own time outside of events can opt into the Filter Off matchmaking service. Each day you will get 3 dates and have 5 days to hop onto a video chat before they expire.

Why should you use Filter Off?

Immediate video calls eliminate catfishing, so you won’t waste time on scammers or people misrepresenting themselves.

Also, you don’t need to be a skilled texter to get to an in-person date. If you hit it off via your video call, you can schedule another virtual date or go straight to meeting IRL!

It’s also a great low-pressure way to practice flirting, leading fun conversations, and chatting with people you don’t know!

Any Filter Off success stories?

Meet Erika & Greg, and see what they have to say about meeting on Filter Off:

We met through a MeetJew Filter Off event last August, and had great chemistry from the moment we met. Living 50 miles apart, we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. After some time getting to know each other through text and video dates, we started trading off weekends between OC and LA.

Trying to date during a pandemic is hard, but every weekend we find something new to try. Lots of hiking trails, picnics in parks, cooking dates, and board games! We always have so much fun together and love being nerdy, adventure buddies. We genuinely enjoy growing together, and feel like we’ve met our match. It’s been such a blessing to find someone who just gets you.

To those still searching, we say: be bold! Let your best self shine through. The right partner will see you, treasure you, and encourage you!

Also, The New York Times covered a recent marriage as a result of Filter Off!

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