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You aren't alone, dating is confusing

Like most valuable life skills, dating isn't something you learn in school.

Maybe you've been too busy kicking ass at school and work to focus on dating until now, anyway.

Let’s be honest for a second, though...

You probably suck at marketing yourself.

I don’t mean to be harsh!

Through coaching 3,000+ men, I've learned that there’s just a good chance it’s true 🙃

It’s actually good news...

YOU aren't the problem!

You actually knew this already, because you see less-successful, less-intelligent, and less-caring guys dating attractive women, and wonder, "Why not me?"

How you MARKET yourself is.

Being a nice guy is great, but it's not enough. You need real confidence, and you to learn to create romantic chemistry with women.

That’s where I come in 🔥


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It was purely based on your advice that my dating life has improved. My favorite part was the Thirsting and Thriving examples. It showed me exactly what and where I was going wrong.


Photo of Blaine in a white outfit in a loft-like building, smiling

Let's change your trajectory

I need to tell you something important!

🤯 Dating is 100% a learnable skill you can master fast.

It's like learning to play tennis, learning to drive. Once you understand the organizing principles, and put your knowledge to work, it gets easy.

Stop beating yourself up because you weren't born knowing how to date.

It's not your fault! It's 100% your fault if you don't take action and learn now, though 😉


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Shortly after I finished your course, I started dating my wonderful girlfriend Barrie, and we've now been together about a year. I'm thrilled to be one of your (many) success stories.


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How it works

I offer a variety of 1x1 and self-serve programs that will help you quickly:

😃 Attract girlfriend-quality women both in-person, and on apps like Hinge and Bumble.

❤️‍🔥 Flirt and create chemistry so you land numbers and dates (and second dates, and third dates..!)

🌶️ Feel sexually attractive and never get in your own way with women again.

Just tap the button below and tell me about yourself, and I'll share a personalized rec for how we can get your dating life unstuck, fast.


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I continue to appreciate your help to make it possible for me to meet people like her!


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I'm Blaine, by the way!

As the #1 dating coach for men, I've helped 3,000+ men build confidence, and learn to attract women they're excited about.

Many of my clients either:

1. Work in finance, engineering, or another analytical field and want their dating lives to catch up with their kick-ass personal and professional lives 👔

2. Recently exited long-term relationships and weren't expecting to be single again, and want help bouncing back 🏀

Still, my clients are short, tall, white collar, blue collar, white, black, Asian, Indian, shy, outgoing, handsome, "unphotogenic," fit, heavy, you name it! Whether you’re:

🐣 Relatively inexperienced with women and dating, or...

😤 Dating regularly but not attracting the “9s” and “10s” you know you deserve...

If you're motivated to learn, there's a 100% chance I can help you.

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What more clients are saying


I had given up on dating. Then I met Blaine… You BET this works!



Curious about coaching?

1. What is a dating coach for men?

As a dating coach, I help guys build self-esteem, learn to flirt, and date women they're excited about!

Specifically, I can help you:

👋 Meet women you're attracted to both in-person, and on apps like Bumble, Hinge, and OKCupid.

😏 Flirt and create chemistry when you communicate with women, even "9s and 10s."

📲 Send the right messages so you land dates, and stop getting ghosted.

📅 Plan fun dates that lead to deeper connections and relationships

💇 Look your best with respect to both your grooming and wardrobe.

🤠 Put your best foot forward so you feel secure, not anxious, around women.

🔍 Find the right partner based on your lifestyle, needs, and criteria.

FYI dating coaches may go by a few different names (e.g. "dating counselor" or "dating consultant"), but these terms are interchangable!

2. What qualifies you to be a dating coach?

My most important credentials are my clients' results 😊

I've helped 3,000+ clients transform their dating lives through my courses and coaching programs.

More than 95% report they'd recommend working with me to a friend!

In addition to the testimonials scattered throughout this page. you can check out 100+ more of my clients' stories on my Reviews page.

Also, millions of guys tune in for my free dating advice every month my Instagram, and I've been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NYPost, Forbes, Psychology Today, Vice i-D, Cosmo, and more.

TLDR, I'm f***ing good at helping guys attract higher-quality women!

3. Does dating coaching even work?

Dating coaching absolutely works, as long as you hire the right coach 😉

Whether you personally will see results with a dating coach depends on a few things:

1. The scope of what you want to accomplish.

Strictly want help with tactical things like texting? You can get immediate results with a self-serve program like my Texting OS.

Struggling with self-confidence? It may take weeks, or even months, of focused effort to achieve real change.

Most men who are considering investing in a dating coach want to accomplish bigger goals, which is why I offer my Masterclass and my 12 week 1x1 Jumpstart program.

2. How hard you work.

Stepping back, coaching ≠ magic, and contrary to popular belief, dating is a lot like any other skill!

The more effort you invest, the better the results you’ll get.

You can’t cheat the grind, but the same way you will get pretty damn good at tennis by playing for an hour a day with a pro for 3 months, you will get pretty damn good at dating by devoting an hour a day to one of my programs for 3 months.

3. How well you follow directions.

Having helped 3,000+ clients, I’ve observed that (A) some men follow directions MUCH better than others, and (B) how well they follow directions is directly proportional to the results they get from coaching.

Good at following instructions? For example, school wasn’t too hard when you applied yourself?

You will get results fast!

Bad at following instructions? For example, sometimes it felt like no matter how hard you worked, you just couldn't understand things in school?

Candidly my programs may not help you, and I wouldn't want you to make a bad investment ❤️

4. How much does a dating coach cost?

I've heard of coaches charging anywhere from $100 to $10,000+ depending on who you work with, and what kind of packages you're looking for. Sadly many coaches obfuscate their prices!

I believe in transparency, so speaking for myself:

Three trends on the cost of coaching that I've observed to be true are:

1. Great coaches aren't cheap. If a coach has built a national or international following, they may have more demand for their services than they can keep up with, and their rates will reflect this.

2. Expensive ≠ effective. I can't tell you how many clients have told me horror stories like, "I spent >$10,000 on another coach, but I'm no better off than I was before..."

3. Getting help shouldn't break the bank. Good dating coaches will have a variety of offerings that work for different budgets.

5. Is hiring a dating coach worth it?

If you're feeling stuck with women or dating, hiring a dating coach can be 100% worth it!

😙 Just make sure you hire a good coach.

A few things you should consider here:

1. What are results worth to you?

Most good coaches aren't cheap, but if coaching leads you to your life partner, that may be a phenomenal deal.

2. What's your opportunity cost?

If hiring a dating coach would represent a significant financial burden (e.g. you'd have trouble making rent), 100% don't hire one.

But if your tradeoff is plowing a little less into savings this month, hiring a coach may be a 1,000x investment.

3. What happens if you don't hire a dating coach?

Think into the future: what does your life look like in 3 months, or 3 years, if you don't make a change?

What could your life look like in 3 months, or 3 years, if you do?

Also, it's worth calling out that good dating coaches (myself included!) offer money-back guarantees. Apply to work with me to learn more!

6. Is coaching right for me?

Asking a dating coach this question is a little like asking a barber if you need a haircut ✂️😜

I'm blessed to be in a place professionally where I regularly have to turn away prospective clients, so I can hopefully answer objectively...

The honest answer is, it depends!

Many guys can benefit from working with a dating coach, and some guys can’t.

Here's what to think about:

1. Do you believe you can grow?

As long as you believe you have opportunities to learn and improve your skills, you'll probably get great results from hiring me or another dating coach.

However, some guys believe they’re “beyond help,” and this attitude is self-fulfilling...

Basically, if you don't believe you can learn, you probably won't learn much from a coach.

2. Are you motivated?

The more motivated you are to make a change, and achieve a specific result in your dating life, the more likely you are to find value from coaching.

If you're merely curious, or you’re not sure what you want, you're less likely to achieve results, no matter how skilled your coach is.

3. Can you invest?

I mean "invest" in a holistic sense.

If you can comfortably invest time, energy, and money in improving yourself and your outcomes with women, a dating coach can be very helpful.

Working 90-hour weeks, and lack time and energy to invest in yourself?

You won’t get great results from coaching.

Struggling with the financial aspect of dating?

You'll see better results with women whether or not you hire a coach by focusing on your career.

This isn't to imply that women are gold diggers, btw.

Most are not! All women are attracted to success and financial stability, though.

7. Who's the best dating coach for men?

You're on her website! 😉

Being honest, there's probably not really one "best" coach.

First off, comparisons aren't apples-to-apples.

Different coaches have different focuses that can make them hard to compare. For example:

  • There are "pickup artists," who focus on "game" for meeting women at bars
  • There are online dating coaches, who focus exclusively on dating apps
  • Then there are coaches like me, who take a systems approach to each step of the dating process

Second off, coaching performance can be opaque.

Many clients are hesitant to talk about their experiences publicly, and some coaches actually publish counterfeit reviews 😬

Before choosing a coach, I'd recommend that you:

  1. Carefully read their testimonials and reviews
  2. Evaluate their free advice and following on social media
  3. Communicate with them, and understand if there's fit!
8. How should I choose a dating coach?

There are many good dating coaches out there, and plenty of charlatans to avoid...

To find the right coach, the three most important things to consider are:

1. Do you trust the coach's advice?

Most coaches publish free advice to social media to attract clients (e.g. I share tips daily on Instagram). Do these tips resonate with you, and seem actionable?

2. Does the coach have real testimonials?

Good coaches will have dozens of client reviews like mine you can review. If the coach you're considering can only point you to a handful of shady-looking testimonials, run!

3. Would you want to spend time with them?

You'll spend a lot of time with your coach, so you should enjoy their company. Think critically while watching your prospective coach's content online, and chat with them, to gauge if there's interpersonal fit.

If your answer to all three questions is "yes," you've probably found a good coach!

9. Should I work with a dating coach near me?

For most guys, whether you're co-located with your coach isn't essential.

Virtually all dating coaches offer their services remotely (e.g. over Zoom and email), and few coaches offer in-person services because dating coaching is still a tiny industry, and there's rarely enough demand in any one geography for a coach to support themself locally.

In my opinion, rather than worrying about whether you can work with a coach in-person...

Find a coach who you connect with interpersonally.

Your ability to communicate clearly and comfortably your coach will matter 100x more than whether (or how often) you're seated in the same room together.

With that in mind, it can helpful to hire a coach who knows the city you're dating in.

For example, having lived and dated in NYC, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and a dozen cities across Europe, I have city-specific insights that other coaches might not!

10. OK, fine, what's next?

😜 I thought you'd never ask!

Tap the button below and complete my quick application.

Don't worry, it takes <60 seconds and it's 100% private, and I'll personally follow up with you ASAP.


What more clients are saying


Blaine teaches you to be yourself, and position yourself, in a way that you can attract and sustain a relationship with women you thought were out of your league. Thank you for everything, Blaine!


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Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of one of Blaine's clients
Headshot of Blaine's client

4.86/5 (from 3,000+ clients)

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