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My Favorite Date Ideas for Fall (2022 Edition)

date ideas Sep 01, 2021
Couple on a bike ride in a fall scene

Fall is here!

And so is fall dating, which is arguably one of the best and coziest seasons to be sweeping women off their feet, snuggling up by a fire, and falling in love.

 Here are seven fun, seasonal ideas I love for fall dates:



#1: Farmers Market 👩🏻‍🌾

Grab your canvas tote and hit the farmers market with your date.

Farmers markets are a fun way to share food, shop together, and experience something new and engaging.

Buy some seasonal baked goods, try the local cheese, and don’t forget to talk and connect over some steamy spiced apple ciders.



#2: Apple Picking 🍎

This classic fall activity actually makes an exceptionally great date idea for October. Look up where local orchards in your area and book in an apple picking day that your date is sure to love.

It’s always great when there’s food involved on a date and apples make a delicious treat to snack on and even talk about while getting to know each other.



 #3: Halloween 🎃

October is special not just because it is peak fall, but it’s also delightfully spooky and festive because of Halloween. There are so many Halloween parties and Halloween inspired events that take place in October.

Anything Halloween truly makes for a unique and exciting date. Get dressed up and hit a party, or, visit the haunted house.

Spooky date ideas may also conveniently encourage you two to squeeze up next to each other ;)



#4: Picnics 🥂

The weather in October is often perfect — not as sizzling hot as summer, and still not too cold — which is ideal for laying out picnic blankets and enjoying the crisp autumn air.

Bring along some fall-friendly treats like apple pie, pumpkin spiced anything, or a bottle of sparkling apple cider to make your date even more standout and special.



#5: Cook Together 👨🏻‍🍳

If you and your date have already shared a few dates together and things are going well, then perhaps it’s time to really impress her with your cooking skills.

Ask her about her favorite cuisine or fall-inspired dish and plan a candlelit dinner at home.

Cooking together is a fun and playful way to get to know each other better and to connect more intimately.

Pro tip: Be sure to take the lead and don’t let her do all the cooking!



#6: Go Hiking 🍂

What better month of the year is there for hiking than October?

If you’re lucky enough to live where the leaves turn red, then definitely take your date on a leaf-peeping hike.

Sharing “wow” moments together is a wonderful way to make deep connections with your date and already begin to make special memories together.



#7: Set Up A Cider Tasting 🍾

Apple season means apple cider, which is a delicious and bubbly alternative to wine and beer.

Set up a cider tasting for an October-inspired spin off of the traditional wine and beer tasting.

  • Cider tastings can be a fun way to check out an apple orchard or farm and to share a unique experience that your date is sure to remember.
  • For a simpler date, just go to a local bar that has a strong cider selection, order all of the options, and compare.

Pro Tip: make sure you can still safely drive home after!



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