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Blaine with her sorority sisters at the U of A
👋  My job is to get your dating life on track, fast.

My career as a dating coach for men began when I was an undergrad the University of Arizona.

(Can you spot 22-year-old me in the photo?!)

My guy friends would ask me for dating advice about my sorority sisters... 😏

What confused me was how the best guys often had the worst results with women.

I became obsessed with figuring out why.

Do women hate “nice” guys? Or is there another problem? 🤔

Over the decade since I graduated from college, I've learned that:

🗣️ Dating for men is all about marketing. Virtually identical guys have dramatically different outcomes with women based on their respective abilities to present themselves.

😬 Most guys don't know how to market themselves. These skills aren't taught in school, which may explain why so many intelligent and thoughtful men are bad at it!

🤓 You can learn to attract women you're excited about. You just need to master a few skills — I'd love to teach you.

Blaine seated at a table with a client
Blaine seated in a chair, smiling

My approach revolves around my "5Es" of dating.

I developed the 5Es through helping 1,000+ guys across the globe. My 5Es are:

1️⃣ Empathize (understanding what women want)

2️⃣ Embrace (building confidence in + showcasing the things that make you sexy)

3️⃣ Embody (putting your best forward to meet women online and in-person)

4️⃣ Engage (creating flirty, inspiring conversations so women see you as a suitor, not a sidekick)

5️⃣ Execute (orchestrating great dates that lead to relationships on your terms)

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P.S. Want to get to know me better?

Here are some fun facts...

🐮 I'm a new Texan by way of California.

😻 I live with my husband, our dog Deedee, and our one-eyed cat Cedar.

💪 I love physical activities like surfing, yoga, hiking, and Barry's Bootcamp.

🛫 Before I dove into coaching men full-time, I worked in the travel industry, and lived out of a suitcase for years.

🐙🌵 I'm obsessed with octopuses (no I don't eat them!) and saguaro cacti (I grew up in Arizona).

❤️ I'd love to work with you!

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Blaine hugging her dog, Dee Dee