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How I got started

My coaching career began when I was in college.

Blaine posing with her sorority sisters at her graduation from the University of Arizona

Can you spot 22-year-old me in the photo?

 My guy friends would come to me for dating advice about my sorority sisters!

The best guys often had the worst luck with women, and it confused me.

I became obsessed with figuring out why...

Do women hate “nice” guys? Or is there another problem?

What I've learned

Blaine walking up a staircase in a black dress with a red print, softly smiling

Coaching 1,500+ guys over the decade since I graduated has taught me that:

🗣️ For men, dating is about marketing. If you can't communicate about yourself in a way that puts your authentic best foot forward, you won't attract quality women.

😬 Many awesome guys suck at marketing themselves. Marketing isn't taught in school, which may explain why so many intelligent and thoughtful men are bad at it!

🤓 You (yes, you!) can attract women you're excited about. I guarantee you bring enough to the table already, you just need to build some confidence and learn a few skills.

My approach and methodology

Blaine seated in an outdoor chair, wearing jeans, smiling

My coaching draws on a wide variety of sources:

🤓 Some academic (e.g. Adlerian psychology, evolutionary biology, descriptive + inferential statistics)

🤠 Some not (e.g. my experiences and observations dating across 6 continents, and working with 1,000+ clients)

Many of my clients are analytical (I work with engineers, entrepreneurs, physicians, accountants, and lawyers all the time!) so I take a systems-oriented approach to dating.

My Masterclass curriculum is organized around my "5Es" of dating. These are:

1️⃣  Empathize (understanding what women want, and how to show you've got it)

2️⃣ Embrace (building confidence in + showcasing the things that make you sexy)

3️⃣ Embody (putting your best forward to meet women online and in-person)

4️⃣ Engage (leading flirty, inspiring conversations that create romantic chemistry)

5️⃣ Execute (orchestrating great dates and building relationships on your terms)

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Fun facts about me

Blaine in a western outfit, holding her dog Dee Dee, in Marfa Texas

🐮 I'm a Texan by way of California. My husband and I moved to Austin from San Francisco in 2020!

😻 I'm obsessed with pets, especially my dog Deedee and my one-eyed cat Cedar.

💪 I love physical activities like surfing, yoga, hiking, and Barry's Bootcamp.

🛫 Before I could coach full-time, I worked in the travel industry, and I lived out of my suitcase abroad for two years in my twenties.

🐙🌵 I'm obsessed with octopuses (I don't eat them!) and saguaro cacti (I grew up in Arizona!)

❤️ Nothing brings me more joy than making my clients successful, and I'd love to work with you.

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