Learning to “C the Fs”

Did you guess what “C the Fs” stands for?

My “C the Fs” is about:
  • Connection 🔌
  • Fit 🧩
  • Flirting 😙
  • Fun 😜

It’s essential to “C the Fs” on dates.

It sounds simplistic, but most guys screw it up, and focus on the wrong things 😬

Anyway, as a thank you for putting up with my guessing game...

🎉 Here are 101 date ideas:

  1. Walk around a park
  2. Coffee at a local cafe ☕
  3. Drinks on a picnic blanket (non-alcoholic OK too!)
  4. Street art/graffiti tour
  5. Get ice cream 🍦
  6. Walktail (walk with to-go cocktails)
  7. Dog park (neither of you needs to own a dog!)
  8. Comedy show
  9. Farmers market
  10. Go to the zoo
  11. Wine bar 🍷
  12. An escape room
  13. Watch sailboats in a harbor with food / drinks
  14. Architectural tour of downtown
  15. Visit a flower market and design/pick out bouquets
  16. Paint and sip class
  17. Drinks at your favorite dive bar
  18. Mini golf ⛳
  19. Take your or her dog for a walk
  20. Go to an aquarium
  21. Concert
  22. Trivia night
  23. Arcade 👾
  24. Flea market / antique store
  25. Open mic night (neither of you need to perform)
  26. People watch in a high traffic area
  27. Attend a lecture 🗣️
  28. Whiskey tasting
  29. Street fair
  30. Pick apples
  31. Bowling 🎳
  32. Make homemade pizzas
  33. Laser tag
  34. Attend a poetry reading
  35. Bonfire and smores
  36. Outdoor movie 🎞️
  37. Have a picnic
  38. Go stargazing
  39. Build a sandcastle
  40. Visit a museum
  41. Go rollerskating 🛼
  42. Race go-carts
  43. Attend a political rally
  44. Have a 3-course dinner at 3 places
  45. Visit a psychic 🔮
  46. Get smoothies
  47. Go to a brewery
  48. Go to a batting cage
  49. Make your own sushi 🍣
  50. Garden or pot plants (make sure she can bring one home, don’t enlist her to do your housework)
  51. Go to a thrift store and pick outfits for each other
  52. Visit a pumpkin patch 🎃
  53. Go to a carnival
  54. Go to a sporting event 🏟️
  55. View holiday decor or lights
  56. Visit a holiday market
  57. Go to a cooking class
  58. Go on a hike
  59. Paint a painting together 🎨
  60. Eat fondue
  61. Hike to a great lookout
  62. Play frisbee or toss a ball around in the park
  63. Feed the birds or ducks 🦆
  64. Go roller skating
  65. Go to a magic show
  66. Visit a local art gallery
  67. Pick wild flowers 🌻
  68. Go to a pottery class
  69. Petting zoo, or feed fish in a koi pond
  70. Teach her about one of your hobbies
  71. Go to an art supply store and each pick a craft to do
  72. Play pickleball
  73. Test samples at Costco 🌭
  74. Go to a sound meditation
  75. Botanical gardens
  76. Go to a bookstore and pick books for each other 📖
  77. Bird watching
  78. Take photos
  79. Play shuffleboard
  80. Crash a party at a park
  81. Have a BBQ 🍖
  82. Go to a jazz club
  83. Go on a local walking or bus tour
  84. Go to the library
  85. Sing karaoke 🎤
  86. Go on a french fry tour (or whatever food) and sample the item at multiple places
  87. Hit balls at the driving range
  88. Ice skating
  89. Watch fireworks 🧨
  90. Attend a book reading
  91. Go to a costume shop and dress up
  92. Renaissance fair
  93. Make ice cream sundaes 🍨
  94. Go to a Burlesque or Drag Show
  95. Get foot massages
  96. Visit fancy open houses 🏡
  97. Ride bikes
  98. Take a ferry ride
  99. Get on the subway or bus randomly and see where you end up. Get a drink there.
  100. Go rock climbing 🧗
  101. Go for a swim at the beach/lake/pool

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