What Women Want

What do women want?

It's not fur coats or diamond rings 😜

And if you think your appearance or job is holding you back with women, you're fooling yourself...

Women want 3 things from men:

  1. They want to β€œdate up” ☝️
  2. They want to feel wanted ❀️
  3. They want to have fun πŸŽ‰

Simple right?

You’d be surprised how many guys get them wrong!

I get the most questions about what it means to β€œdate up.”

β€œDating up” can mean many things πŸ“ˆ

One way to conceptualize it is...

Women want to date guys they'd be excited to tell their friends and family about.

Basically, women want to feel like you’re a catch 🎣

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