Blaine's Pop Quiz Answers

Q1: What's the #1 thing women look for on your profile?


Your photos are the most important aspect of your profile by a large margin.

Women see your photos before anything else 👀

Plus women can discover much of what they want to know about your career, interests, and personality (not to mention your appearance) from your photos, too 🤯

Many women decide to swipe left or right based on your first photo alone!

Q2: What's the #1 reason she bails on a date with you, after she's given you her number?


If a woman bails on a date with you, the reason why is usually simple, if tough to swallow...

She changed her mind, and isn't interested in you romantically 💔

An unfortunate reality is that many women feel uncomfortable being honest when they've lost interested in a guy.

Women often tell white lies like "I'm just really busy right now..." to bail on dates 🤭

One more note here: *how* you ask for a date matters 10x more than *what date* you ask her on.

That is to say, your specific plan (e.g. dinner or drinks) seldom matters if you frame the invitation the right way 💌

Q3: How many "likes" does an attractive woman get in 24 hours on Tinder?


I bought a Tinder Gold membership (for research purposes — I'm not single!) and I'd get >300 likes a day even in smaller cities 😳

This volume isn't unusual for attractive women!

The implication for you is that your #1 job on apps like Tinder and Hinge is to stand out from the crowd 🏟️

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