What qualifies you to be a dating coach?

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September 19, 2023
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What qualifies you to be a dating coach?

The most important credentials a dating coach has is their clients’ results.

The more clients they have, the more coaching expertise they have, and their ability to personalize dating advice for YOU is unparalleled.

Just a reminder, that a dating coach and a relationship therapist are two separate professions.


What qualifies Blaine to be a dating Coach?

Blaine Anderson has helped more 2,000+ guys learn to attract women they’re excited about through her coaching expertise. More than 95% of men who have completed her professional coaching programs report they'd recommend working with her. In addition to the written testimonials on her website she also has hundreds of videos from REAL clients — check them out HERE! ❤️


She also has more than 5 million guys tune in to her free dating advice every month on Instagram. She’s been featured in major media outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NYPost, Forbes, Psychology Today, Vice i-D, Cosmo, and more. She’s the definition of a professional dating coach and if you decide to hire her, you can have confidence in your decision.


Does dating coaching even work?

Dating coaching absolutely works, especially if you hire the right dating coach 😉

Whether you personally will see results with a dating coach depends on a few things:

1. The scope of what you want to accomplish.

Strictly want help with tactical things like texting? You can get immediate results with a self-serve program like Blaine’s Texting OS.

Struggling with self-confidence? This can take weeks, or even months, of focused effort to achieve real change.

Blaine has a 12-week program called Jumpstart and it’s her only 1x1 coaching offering designed to help you successfully accomplish those larger more personalized goals.


2. How hard you’re willing to work.

Contrary to popular belief, dating is a lot like any other skill. The more effort you invest, the better the results you’ll get. But you can’t cheat the grind.


Similar to how you will get pretty damn good at tennis by playing for an hour a day with a pro for 3 months, you will get pretty damn good at dating by devoting an hour a day towards Blaine’s personalized dating advice.


3. Your ability to listen and follow directions.  

Coaching ≠ magic, just like a personal trainer doesn’t magically help you lose weight. It takes motivation, confidence in your dating coach, and a willingness to listen to your coach’s advice.

Good at following instructions? For example, school wasn’t too hard when you applied yourself? You will get results fast!


Bad at following instructions? For example, in school, sometimes it felt like no matter how hard you worked, you just couldn't understand things... Candidly you may not see great results ❤️


And yes… if you can follow instructions it’s absolutely worth hiring a dating coach

Wrap up & next steps

How can I get started with coaching?

It’s easy! Click here and apply to work with the best professional dating coach for men.

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