Practical Ways to Beat First-Date Nerves

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September 26, 2023
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Practical Ways to Beat First-Date Nerves

Going on a first date can often feel like skydiving. You’re excited for the experience, but anxious for how it’s going to go.

Those moments before meeting up with someone new can trigger a lot of anxiety.

Even the most confident person will likely feel a bit nervous, but don’t worry! We’re here to help.

In this article, we’re going to look at some practical first-date anxiety tips so you can make the best first impression.


Why Managing First-Date Anxiety is Important

First impressions matter and having a good mindset is an important part of creating them. When your nerves are running high, it’s easy to give off an impression that doesn’t show how you’re actually feeling.

You might come off as uninterested or aloof. Calming those first-date jitters can help you show off you who really are, authentically and confidently.

This will help you have a better connection with your date. Finding the best ways to deal with dating anxiety will help you focus on the conversation and get to know your date better.

This will create a stronger foundation for a potential relationship. 

Effective Strategies for a Stress-Free First-Date

Preparation is Key

One of the best ways to tackle first-date anxiety is to be prepared. Research the place you’re going on the date.

Think about some conversation topics or questions to ask if there is a lull in conversation. Pick an outfit that is appropriate for the location, but also makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Knowing that you’re prepared can help you feel a little more in control and help you feel less nervous.

Mindfulness and Breathing

Try some mindful breathing exercises before your date to lower your anxiety levels.

Try breathing in for a count of four, hold your breath for four, and then exhale for a count of six.

This is a simple technique that will activate your body’s relaxation response and calm your nerves. 

Physical Activity

Doing some light physical activity before your date will release some endorphins. These are your body’s natural mood enhancers.

Whether it’s a brisk walk, a quick workout, or even just some light stretching, physical activity can really lower your anxiety and boost your confidence.

Just be sure to shower before your date!

Positive Self-Talk

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? Are the thoughts in your head something you would say to a friend?

If they aren’t, try to reframe your thoughts. You are a catch. Remind yourself of your strengths and good qualities.

This shift can help boost your self-esteem and calm your nerves. 

Arrive Early

Getting to the venue a little early will give you a chance to get the lay of the land. Having a sense of familiarity will be very helpful in lowering your anxiety. 

Humor is Your Friend

A great way to diffuse tension is through humor. Crack a light joke or share a funny story to create a relaxed atmosphere. Just be careful not to go overboard, you don’t want to come off as a clown.

Wrap up & next steps

It’s totally normal to feel nervous before a first date. Finding things that work for you when it comes to managing anxiety on the first date is important.

Try using these techniques and see what works for you. There might be some trial and error, but keep trying until you find something that helps.

Being confident and calm will help your true self shine through. Take a deep breath, embrace the adventure, and get out there!

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