Is it worth getting a dating coach?

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September 15, 2023
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Is it worth getting a dating coach?

Wondering if it’s worth getting a Dating Coach? The simple answer is yes!

Dating is a skill you learn and CAN be taught as long as you’re motivated, have an open mind, and are ready to take action!

The benefits of hiring a dating coach can be life changing, so let’s dive into the importance of hiring a dating coach.


Is it worth getting a dating coach?

Think about other areas of your life such as school, physical wellness, sports, etc. When you’re not accomplishing your desired outcome, what do you do?

You hire a tutor, a personal trainer, or work with a coach who specializes in that sport.

Why? Because they have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals.

If you’re unhappy with your dating life, that’s absolutely a reason to hire a dating coach.

Your coach will teach you the skills you need to have successful encounters with women, give you an outside perspective on your dating life, help you create confidence in yourself, and they’ll hold you accountable to your goals. 

How much should you pay for a dating coach?

Dating coaches are fairly new to the dating scene and they all have their own style and programs they offer. There are a variety of reasons to hire a dating coach that range from a specific subset of dating to getting into the nitty gritty of building chemistry/connections, and so much more. 

To give a better idea of the value of a dating coach, and what’s actually included in these programs, Dating By Blaine (DBB) offers a few different tiers of coaching: 

Quick and under $200 USD: 

If you’re looking for a fast resolution to a specific subject matter such as texting or online dating, Dating By Blaine offers a few self-guided programs for $149 USD. Check them out here!

In depth and under $1,500 USD: 

Better suited for a hybrid style coaching program that covers everything from A-Z? DBB offers an online Dating Masterclass ($1,295 USD), that covers everything from how to approach a woman all the way to landing a relationship. It also comes with some awesome live perks such as the dating profile makeover, which is a huge benefit to hiring a dating coach (details here)!

Everything included, starting at $3,900 USD

For traditional coaching where you’re getting 1x1 time with your coach, Dating By Blaine offers a program that’s unique to her team, called Jumpstart Your Dating Life. Pricing ranges from $3,985 - $6,495 depending on the coach you're working with! 

What about hourly pricing? 

Most dating professionals don’t offer hourly coaching and if they do, pricing drastically varies. Expect to pay $100-$500 USD/hour. Dating By Blaine does NOT offer one-off coaching sessions so you won’t find hourly pricing on the website. Why? Blaine wants to work with clients who are dedicated to transforming their dating lives and accomplishing their goals, so they can create real results together. If you have questions about a specific relationship, you’re better off working with a relationship therapist as this isn’t the goal of your dating coach. 

What about Matchmaking? 

While matchmakers are in the dating industry they’re VERY different from a dating coach. Matchmakers range in price from $10K - $100K. This is a great option if your sole issue is meeting people. However, if you’re struggling with things such as approaching women, having successful dates, creating intimacy and connecting with women, you’re absolutely better off hiring a coach. 

Look at this way, you can make plans to climb Mount Everest and even buy all the best equipment, but the reality is, you’re not going to make it to the top without training :) 

So who are the best dating coaches for men?

Blaine Anderson of course! Shocked, that was our answer ;)

Blaine has a kick-ass team but ego aside, there are a TON of great coaches out there and only YOU can decide who’s best for you. Our recommendation for choosing a professional dating coach is to: 

1. Read their testimonials. I cannot stress this enough. Look into the real people who have gone through these coaches programs and get a sense of what they accomplished. 

2. Check out their free content. Read the articles on their website/check out their social media. Does the content resonate with you? If not, it’s unlikely their coaching will either.

3. For 1x1 coaching programs, talk to the coach prior to investing. If you’re spending thousands of dollars to work 1x1 with a coach, you’re gonna wanna make sure you two vibe together and are aligned on your goals :)

Ready to take the first step? Apply to work with Blaine HERE and she’ll follow up with details <3

Wrap up & next steps

Ready to take the first step? Apply to work with Blaine HERE and she’ll follow up with details <3

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